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Oh man, this is funny. Some dumbass kids keep on sending me messages on AIM, accusing me of going to "Umass", which I presume is the University of Massachusetts or something, and refuse to believe that I am, in fact, not who they think I am. I love it - they're insistent that "you're jimmy, stop harassing ppl". Uh, Hi, and, no, I'm not. But thanks anyway!

Oh well, it's amusing at least - it's great how extreme displays of idiocy can cheer you up :o)

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that's great. i have a friend that stupid people harrassed for awhile because they thought he was lance bass from nsync. he made so many teenage girls believe that he was in love with them. and many people imed him just to tell him that 'nsync sucks! limp bizkit rules!' type of things. and none of them spelled out anything i.e urz, w/e, f***, i luv u. it hurts my mind.

Where do you find these idiots?

Or, do they find you? If so, why make yourself available to it? Entertainment?

Why am I asking so many questions?


It's worth it because when they stay long enough to make some sort of sense, they they become sport ;o)

How funny! I took a couple of summer classes at UMass when I used to live in Boston.

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