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You could be my someone, you could be my sea
So I went into Uni, handed my work in, hooray. Spoke to loads of people I've not seen in like a month, which was really good - it's nice to catch up with people. Got a load of stuff in my pigeon hole, a few careers things, some work, that sort of thing... No letter threatening to kick me out. Which means that this year has gone better than last year.

Now all my work for the term is completed, I only have exams left. It's annoying, I started this term with such high hopes for my work and stuff, and then I just gave up again. Mind, I made a good start. In the single Maths workshop I managed to attend, I completed the entire worksheet (meant to be done at home - they always make sure we have a weekend before it's due in to make sure we have time, so it's not trivial) within 40 minutes, handed it in, and I got it back today - 100%.

That might explain why I've not been called up this term - they'll look at my attendance, and think "Well, he came to a lesson, got 100%, and didn't come back", which is significantly better than in previous terms where I've just not handed anything in. I'm improving, if only marginally. So anyway, it's summer but for my exams - what a relief :o)

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Isn't relief a nice feeling? Good luck on your remaining exams.

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