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Heh, dunno if I posted the URL to this lately:

One of my more fun pieces in 3D Studio Max - it's a still from a minute long animation I did...

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Yes - you posted it not so long ago!

I apologise - senility is upon me already ;o)

Just imagine how I feel - ummmm - thingy! ;0)

makes you realise how decent games design and 3D modeling is difficult. That looks like lego, pretty lego, but lego shapes, go look at the Star Wars games, christ, hats off to the modelers.

Heh, I know.

The annoying thing is that the most intricately detailed thing there was the R2 model, which you just can't see from that picture. I may have to reinstall Max to show you that the R2 unit was actually really good :o)

Plus, in terms of computer graphics, look at the new movies - an example of how spectacularly they can draw those things on computers :o)

Isn't that from like, ooh, three years ago now? I think I remember seeing it when we all had our peecees round Chris' gaff once upon a time.

(Oh, received your text message btw. No, my highly entertaining journal still continues).

Yeah, sounds about right... It's well old - I think I grabbed 3DSM off one of you (probably Grant now I think about it), made that, and showed it off to an unimpressed gathering at Chris's 18th or something :o)

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