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I've blown it in every single way, screwed every single chance that came
Right, well, the coding is as complete as it's ever going to be. Not very complete, to be honest, but that's something I'll just have to deal with. Now just time to do a write-up for it, explaining why it doesn't work...

Oh well, at least I got some sleep last night, so I'm writing this with a clear head. Unlike past write-ups which have at times lapsed into complete insanity due to sleep deprivation ;o)

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know the feeling ;)

hey, at least we're kept interested by your damn gorgeous userpic. :D

I'll stick my userpic into my report somehow, and see if that wins over the teacher..... I honestly couldn't tell you of this lecturer was a man or a woman, you know, that's how much attention I've been paying :o\

Heh, the filename was "c:\fucked it up shot my load.doc" too :o)

Well yeah, it was a Wordpad document :o)

Uh, no.... I was talking about my coursework (which was why I was quoting that song in the first place :o)


I thought you meant the mp3

wondered what you were talking about

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