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Glass of Drink
Or should that be glasses? We can squabble about the use of plural later... Anyway, needless to say, I've had a few. However, unlike a certain Michael Mullen, I am still capable of conducting myself in an orderly fashion (most of the time). So I feel capable to update my journal - let's hope I don't make an utter tit of myself (well, no more so than usual)...

So, got a load of new stuff today, on account of parents being here. Found out how truly terribly I did in Biology Paper 2 - if it weren't for the truly stunning quality of my essay (88%), I would surely have not attained my A. Question 3 was on Plant Transport, and while I credited myself with a reasonable score out of 20, I in fact got about 5, perhaps less. Figures... Electron Micrograph questions were never my strong point - at least my two worst areas coincided, leaving the other 80% of the paper within my grasp (not that that helped - I still did poorly on lots of places). Oh, yes, silly me, I forgot to explicitly state (which many of you need doing) that I got my a-level papers back today. Saw Further Maths - I got 0/10 on a question that I thought I did rather well on, but it was made up for by the fact that I kick serious ass at Differential Equations and Numerical Methods - something which I had seriously doubted previously. Also saw my Chemistry papers, and wasn't at all shocked that I got a B - I did shite. Paper 3, especially, was so bad that you would simply not believe it... WOW... Oh well, I knew at the time, but still...

Anyway, loved seeing my family, they're great. Also saw Becca, which was also wonderful - she's not grown a bit... She's probably about the same height as Harry, and is shorter than Mice - wow, that's little. Just kidding Becca, you know I love you deeply really, deep down somewhere, or something... Anyway... So yea, I won't go into depth, but it was nice to see them. And they gave me lots of yummy food. Mmm...

So, went out this evening. Freaking duh... Got a bit tipsy. Again, freaking duh... But before that, I tried playing The Sims. Fucked up. Repeatedly. I'm gonna reinstall, and then perhaps phone Maxis and yell at them. But I may well wait until I'm sober before leaving myself open to law suits, and prosecution for using an American version which is most likely forbidden from being exported... Oopsy :o)

Adaptec CD Creator Easy CD Thing is also not working - it can't detect my drive. Again, I shall have to take action on this, possibly involving random acts of violence with vegetables. You never know...

Ah, that's another thing - saw Vegetable Wars (a truly amazing comedy sketch show) on Weds and Friday. The fact that I saw it twice says a lot, and the fact that I loved the second run just as much really tells you how much I liked the show. I mean, wow. The writer (who was in it, and was really good) is so on my wavelength. There wasn't a single joke in it that I didn't laugh at both times. And the actors were great too - on the last night, loads of stuff kept going wrong, but they improv'd over it all, and it all really worked. Then one guy went off on an improv ad lib, and that also worked very well - it's astonishing how good they all were at acting. And this one guy in it, Mark, was SO cute, and... Uh oh... I've said too much... :o)

So, aside from winding you up, this evening since my parents and Becca (ah, love her) left I've done nothing much, but drinking, chatting, computering (not a word, don't give a shit), and "stuff" (encompassing all the shitty little things I can't give a rat's ass about explaining to you all). Good fun. More later (in the morning, when no doubt I'll correct all the spelling errors in this (if nothing more extreme), although I don't think I've made (m)any...) Bye :o)

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The CDs I gave you...

I take it that everything on those Cds apart from the CD burning software worked OK. If not, tough shit, I'm not doing it again :-)

Re: The CDs I gave you...

Forgot About Dre (.rm) doesn't work either, but that's fine - the video for Stan works fine, which is the important thing, and the live version of FAD works, which is also groovy... All in all, very nice :o)

Re: The CDs I gave you...

Hmmm, are you sure you have Real Player because if not FAD won't work. It's fine for me...

Glad you like the Stan video, directors cut version was released today but I'm getting it for Xmas. Also released was the Up In Smoke video which I also won't be getting until Xmas, but if you like it when you come home you can buy the DVD in January which you *MIGHT* be interested in.

BTW, have you seen the live NWA show on the CDs. If so, what did you think?

Re: The CDs I gave you...

Of course I have Real Player. I'm hardly going to try running a .rm file without it, am I? "Hmm, unknown file type, let's try opening it Notepad and viewing the video there... Ooh, doesn't work" ;o)

The Stan video f'ing rules :o)

Seen bits of NWA live (well, I saw SOC live, if that's what you mean)... 'tis OK...

"Anyway, loved seeing my family,...."

And they all loved seeing you. Just hope that Rebecca recovers......

Seems strange to think that it's only 2 weeks before you come home for Christmas. I guess we'd better give the lodger notice to quit!!!

1. who is becca? sister?

2. the sims has been working very happily for me over the last few days on my brand new laptop :>


Becca is james's mate from too long ago! But she loves him in as his mother put it ' the brother I never had' way.
To mr Webley yes I recovered the bruising has gone down and my doctor says the nervous jitters will stop soon.
C u luv Becca %-)

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