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I don't think I've mentioned it lately...

Anybody with a knowledge of Abandonware should listen up, this is a lucrative deal. I am willing to pay £75 (approximately $100) for a copy of a particular game, dating back to the early-to-mid eighties. That's a lot of money, you know...

The game is called "Amaze" and is by "Wizard Software". You were a little ASCII head (ALT+1 in old DOS) running around a maze type thing with a final exit a long way away... You picked up ammo to shoot the other ASCII heads (ALT+2)... There were poisonous things you couldn't touch that looked like §, and the whole thing was just really cool. There was a long passage down the middle of the maze where you could take one of three routes, and one of which looped to another, so there was only one correct choice. The whole thing was just fantastic, I loved it, hence why I'd pay so much for this little slice of my childhood.

If anybody can help me out here, there's money in it ;o)

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I'll keep my eyes peeled! Have you tried contacting the developer?

hmmm, wizard software... didn't they make ROCKSTAR? That game rules :D

oh, and WHERE has the home of the underdogs gone?

Y'know, I think I had that. It was on a disc with a load of other similar programs and Duke Nukem and Commander Keen and stuff. Don't know where it is though.

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