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See, I wasn't rude at all this time ;o)
devilzgal621: hey u dont kno me but i found ya sn while i wuz look a friend
TheUnknownJames: I see
devilzgal621: looin*
devilzgal621: yea
devilzgal621: loogin*
devilzgal621: lokkin*
devilzgal621: lookin*
TheUnknownJames: *lol*
TheUnknownJames: Much as I'd love to play right now, I'm a little busy
TheUnknownJames: If you like, you can try winding me up later :o)
devilzgal621: k ill do jsut that
TheUnknownJames: tnx!!!
TheUnknownJames: etc.
devilzgal621: k
TheUnknownJames: Right
TheUnknownJames: Bring it on
devilzgal621: yea
TheUnknownJames: Irritate me, I'm ready
devilzgal621: k
devilzgal621: wut do u mean by taht lol
TheUnknownJames: Just get on with it, I don't have all day
TheUnknownJames: What do you want?
devilzgal621: i jsut wanted some 2 talk to god
TheUnknownJames: I can talk to God for you
TheUnknownJames: What is your message?
devilzgal621: and by the way i think u r cute
TheUnknownJames: So do I
devilzgal621: i aint got 1
devilzgal621: taht iz funny
TheUnknownJames: I know
devilzgal621: can u send me ya pic so my frind can see wut u look like
devilzgal621: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
devilzgal621: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
devilzgal621: thnk
TheUnknownJames: Just so I know, how old are you meant to be?
devilzgal621: 16
devilzgal621: y
TheUnknownJames: Wow, really?
devilzgal621: yea u
TheUnknownJames: No, I'm not. I'm 20
devilzgal621: RIGHT
devilzgal621: but u iz still cute
devilzgal621: gtg
devilzgal621: bye
devilzgal621: pe@ce

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"TheUnknownJames: Right
TheUnknownJames: Bring it on"

Man i wanna be you :)

You can be, it's really simple. All you have to say is "bring it on" a lot, and bleach your hair. You'd think it'd be more complicated, but it really really isn't. Go on, try it :o)

you notice how our userpics almost mirror each other?
i probably subconciously copied you...
Try adding thick orange hair to yourself and maxing out on contrast. I think if I add any more bleach to myself you won't be able to tell what the picture's of, so it's probably easier to turn YOU into ME.

Okay, let's see...


How's that? :o)

hmmmmmmmm, i have bigger, more sleep deprivation sunken eyes than you...
and you're less freakishly ugly than me...
well, i tried, ey.

I'm liking your masculine chin and "rough n ready" eyebrows ;)

My eyebrows are ready for anything, you know...

My eyes themselves are clearly far too small, and I don't have nearly enough hair.


don't think I could cope with two of *either* of you :oP

That's okay - if my plot goes according to plan, you'll have to cope with two of *both* of us ;o)

*tries not to read too much into that*


I knew I should have had you neutered...

It's too late now! I have fertilised all your caviar!

Are you sure it was caviar?

Not a Futurama fan then......

Well I watch it, I just don't remember all the dialogue like some sad freak ;P

Nor do I, but this was the best joke ever... Well, one of them.

Zoidberg went up to Amy's parents, and was trying to suck up to them, so he said "I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of fertilising your caviar" ;o)

Do me a fav dude and kill the long 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'

it's fsking up my friends view. :)


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