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Hmm, there's a break in my exams around the 22nd of June, so I might go to Northampton to see Twig's band... Shame I've missed the gigs they did at small venues - this would be an all-day punk gig (which in itself isn't bad, but I'm not going for the music as such). Anyhow, the music is apparently "not that great", according to this review:
But all we actually get is uninspiring ,weak and FLAT poncy vocals. A tamed style that really don't do us or the music any favours at all. Dun 2 Def should thank their lucky stars they've got a good guitarist in Twig Webley. He can supply the big riffs whilst giving us some dirty solo's when needed.
Heh, that's my family, that is. Anyhow, regardless, it's an idea... I've been meaning to see him for years now and just haven't gotten around to it.

Well anyway, it's bedtime... I'll jabber more tomorrow, no doubt.


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