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After another person said I look like Oliver Wood in Harry Potter (okay, not that many people have said it, but a few have (and another few have strongly denied it, citing that the guy is hot)), I decided to see what he actually looks like in real life, just in case (because I'll concede that in a couple of shots in the movie, there's something vaguely me-like about him, although I maintain it's more his facial expressions). And it's scary...

No, I know that really doesn't look like me. But he's a dead ringer for my cousin Brian (like, really). Who, in turn, occasionally looks like me, so I guess there's a slight bit of truth to it (but not much). Anyhow yeah, it's just really weird, and spooky, and stuff - I'll have to remember that next time I'm watching Harry Potter, to see if he looks like Brian in the movie too... :o)

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heheh. wow.

he does look like you.
::nods:: like some kind of ickle-jamie

you do however, have different ears

I can see how he could, at times, look like you, but still, no.

Thank you, exactly what I say... :o)

Well you look VERY alike to me! Similar nose, same lips, similar eyebrows!

I could easily have confused that for a younger pic of you!

Damnit, this isn't at all the reaction I was looking for - I was rather hoping people would say "We agree James, you look nothing alike"... You bastards ;o)


Not true though! :0)

whilst I was on holiday i had a young lad and a girl come up to me and ask me for my autograph! They thought I was David Dunn who plays for Blackburn Rovers!

And I look absolutely nothing like him but two seperate people still confused me with him! Funny really as i honestly look nothing like him!

i mean, really.....

we agree James, you look nothing alike...

i see the resemblance between you and him, it's the nose i think...although i tend to see resemblances everywhere :)

i get accused of looking like that girl out of the persil advert. the one where she downstairs and the mum says 'you look nice dear'.
which is fun :P

jeebus i need to start proof reading what i post.

and yes, what the person above me said really.

just have to say i *love* your user pic.

Well his nose and eyes look so like my cousin's, it's unbelievable... And in turn, people say that his nose and eyes look like mine. I fail to see any resemblances between myself and others, probably because I'm so used to how I look that I don't see it objectively any more.

As for the Persil advert girl - I'll have to look out for her next time I'm watching TV :o)

I can definitely see similarities there...

the pose for one :) nose, mouth, eyes... the general face structure.

I wouldn't say you particularly look like him at all, but you definitely have similar features, and when you study his face, I can see you in it...

Was it *really* necessary to have a picture of someone who's almost as ugly as you posted *that* big? :P

Sorry, this might make it better...

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

Who's that handsome devil?

(Deleted comment)

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

I completely agree, that's spot on

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

what handsome devil? :P

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

The geeky one ;o)

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

Subtly you want me... I can tell ;)

Re: Sorry, this might make it better...

It'd have to be really subtle...

I agree, you look nothing like him....

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