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Okay, so I'm back... Spent the weekend with Mel... Had Pizza Hut, which was yum... Watched some Big Brother - it's so boring this time around - I expect it'll get better in a few weeks, but I can't be bothered to watch it until then...

Anyhow, I'll say more about the weekend later... Just got back from getting a load of notes at Uni to work through... But before I start on those, I decided to first write out an acoustic tab for Finch - Letters to You... I dunno why I've been doing that lately, I now have acoustic tabs to a load of songs (Nightingale, Letters to You, Handle This, Sugar, IOU, by various artists, can't be arsed listing them). I guess I just like little acoustic numbers. So anyway, this is it:

Capo First Fret

Intro: C
Verse: C, E, F, G (Can't you see...)
Bridge: E, F, C (Do you notice...)
Chorus: Am, F, C, G (I want you to know that...)

Your answers in the following poll are confidential - therefore, you can tell me to shut the hell up and nobody will know that it was you who did :o)

Poll #36395 Do you want to be deaf?

Should I bother recording it?

Yes - like, right now
Sometime, I guess

Anyway, I have Non-Symbolic AI coursework due in on Thursday... Should probably work on that in some capacity...

PS Thank you Mel, without you, my taste in music would be infinitely more lame ;o)

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duuude, capos are *so* nu-metal.

get yourself a seven-string. *then* we'll be getting somewhere.


Capos are nu-metal?!! F'k that, Capos are for people who want to play nice acoustic numbers with standard chords with loads of open strings :o)

And I would never ever ever ever want a seven string guitar. It's just wrong :o)

i played a seven-string les paul once. tuned it to open d, and it made me laugh.
but apart from that, it sux0red.

i don't mind open strings. i don't mind dissonance when i make nice acoustic numbers :P

dissonance. it's like a form of bestiality.

it sux0red

That's becuase you were playing a seven string les paul :P

Play a 7 string ibanez universe, completely different experience

i'll take your word for it. but i generally dislike ibanez, they sound all yucky...

play some of the top-end stuff, believe me....yucky turns to yummy ;o)

Capos are for people who want to play nice acoustic numbers with standard chords with loads of open strings :o)

capos are for people who like to change key, but are too lazy to retune or find another way round it =P

It's difficult to get the same sound barring across, and frankly, I don't think I should have to completely retune my guitar between every song I do. I'm a student - I don't have spare time for anything except drinking.

but goo goo dolls do........and they rule!

Goo Goo Dolls mostly just tune their B to a C - I don't mind doing that, but retuning the whole thing is just ugh... :o)

tab books for dizzy say it's different practically every song!

Apart from Acoustic #3...standard


Oh, I don't play much of Dizzy up the Girl... I only play Dizzy and Slide mostly, and I think those two are standard (or if not, then it's something you can change in the chords you play rather than actually changing the tuning of the strings). I mostly play older Goo Goo Dolls stuff, it's more fun :o)



say thank you to me :) ahem :)

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