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Broken Modem
I dunno what's up with it, I really don't. But for some reason, it cycles through the funny modem noises 2-4 times before finally connecting, and when it connects, it does so at 16-24kbps. And that's if it manages to at all, rather than failing completely, and wasting me a minute of time using my phone only to find that I won't be getting online. It really is very very annoying. So I'm back in the computer labs, with my zippy connection, but without the ability to chat to people. Oh well, it's not like they'll miss me :o)

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I'll have an external K56 V.34 modem (COM1) available shortly. And because I know student types are skint I'll give it to you on indeffinate loan. But I won't post it (it's a bit heafty) so we'll have to meet up or something.

Nah, that's a very (VERY) kind offer, but if I can't get my current one to work, I won't bother at all. I can easily live without a modem in my room...

However, we should meet up sometime :o)

Well, if we meet up, I'll bring the modem. I have no use for it and it's clear you do...

If it is indeed the modem that's at fault at all... perhaps reinstalling its software will do it... I dunno - I got it working for 5 minutes yesterday, then rebooted, then kaput again...

"...........but if I can't get my current one to work......"

I'll get it fixed under warranty as it's only 2 months old.

PS food parcel on the way, will arrive by noon tomorrow. See you Saturday

Rearrange the following words into a sentence:

I must phone the MD about a job at Christmas or I will be really broke!!!!

There, that was easy wasn't it.

soon very soon...

wild joy I am seeing you in ooooohhh about 3/4 days and soon you'll be the same age as me! what fun, ummmm anyhoo, home soon.Beccaxxx

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