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Years go by and nothing changes...
So long my friend
Don't say goodbye
Just give me one last kiss
Beneath this glowing sky

We'll go walking through the park
And hang out in the rain
Tell a joke and watch me smile
As we drink away the day

And know the next time that you make a wish upon a star
I'll be wishing on the same one that you do

And every night I'm all alone in some burnt-out highway town
I'll be thinking of the day that I met you

Hello again
It's been too long
What's happened to our love
Since the last time I was gone

I detach myself again
And lose something every time
The solutions in the problem
Temporarily alright

And know the next time that you make a wish upon a star
That sometimes it might actually come true
Our conversation can't consist of Hello and Goodbye
And the silence between saying I Love You
And sometimes I wonder about that too

Step 1: Worry
Step 2: Lose sleep over worrying
Step 3: Lose sanity due to lack of sleep
Step 4: Worry more due to lack of Sanity
Step 5: Go to Step 1

Since I can't sleep, and am already insane, I may as well do something else. So I'm off for a walk...

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