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Big Brother III - First Impressions of the Girls
Adele, 23, Personal Assistant, Southport
Hmm.... Hip Hop style video, it's not actually bad (not my thing, but I can recognise that it's not bad)... Seems nice enough...

Alison, 27, Cinema Team Leader, Brummy
Oh God... Attack of the Brummy Accent. Annoying as heck, no offence to anybody from Birmingham, but the accents really piss me off at times. It's okay with PJ, but this one's accent is just irritating.

Jade, 20, Dental Nurse, Bermondsey
Oh my God. This person must die. Please. Now. Die.

Kate, 22, IT Professional, Kent
Seems fun enough, attractive, not too annoying. Sporty too... Didn't pack any bras. Bound to be liked...

Lynne, 36, Student, Aberdeen
What the heck is it with old people from Scotland in this show? Oh well, she seems okay...

Sunita, 25, Barrister, Brixton
Seems normal enough, sensible, potentially amusing. After Jade, everybody is going to be cool...

Update: Holy Shit Jade is crap, she needs to be out RIGHT NOW.

Update 2: Alex and Kate should get together and have beautiful kids :o)

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Birmingham Accent Girl was found to be very annoying and yes, if Jade's the one I'm thinking of, we found her to be more than a bit annoying.

DIE JADE DIE! Sorry about that, I really hate her. And Sunita is boring me to death, she so isn't as cool as she made herself out to be.

I will watch this programme properly at some point so that I actually understand : D

hey.. i haven't talked to you in a really long time.. but i hope you're doing well.. i just thought of you the other day so looked at your LJ since i remembered your username and you still like the same music i do:0) good job! write me back sometime...if you get a chance... ---kathryn<3

I love how America steals British shows, fucks them up, and puts them on American TV. Then when they watch Comedy Central they say "Look! Those crazy British people have 'Who's Line is it Anyway!' They stole it from us!"

Stupid Americans...I hate being one

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