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Big Brother III - First Impressions of the Guys
Alex, 23, Model, Hornchurch
Uh, lots of hair. Candidate for somebody who'll chop it all off for a laugh. Complained about how the WTC thing screwed his modelling job - that won't help him. OH, wait, he has chopped his hair off already. I knew it. With shorter hair, he's rather yummy really - something Brad Pitt-like about him.

Jonny, 29, Fireman, Durham
Seems vaguely amusing, we'll see... Able to laugh at himself, always important...

Lee, 21, Fitness Instructor, Leicester
Loves himself rather a lot, has a reasonably good body but loves it too much.... He loves himself even more than I love myself, which is rather a lot.

PJ, 22, Trainee Solicitor, Brummy
Seems nice enough, entertaining, friendly character. Shame about being a brummy git, but he can't help that...

Sandy, 43, Personal Shopper, Fife
Um... old... A bit weird..... I just don't see him working out to be honest. Although he seems cool enough....

Spencer, 22, Shop Assistant, Cambridgeshire
Did an Eastenders impression. I am impressed.... He seems pretty laid back and stuff, so...

Thus far, as far as I'm concerned, the best ones are Alex and PJ, although Sandy is pretty cool too.... My, this is fun :o)

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i have a lot of hair.

not as much as danuek, mind. :P

Danuek has much hair, this is true....

Not that I have anything against lots of hair :o)



DIE, FASCIST PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had long hair in Year 8 :o)

well, mussolini was a communist once you know :P

Must be a "young" thing

There's a 43-year old in the Big Brother house this time - must obviously be a sub-50 thing ;oP

We drew much the same conclusions. Jeanne seems to think everyone bar Spencer is gay though.

Hmm, I made much the same Brad Pitt comment about 3 hours ago...

Many people I've spoken to have made similar comments.... :o)

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