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Crap little solo I've been working on learning, nothing important....

Feeling hungry. May risk going downstairs and actually eating in a minute :o)

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Hey noticed you were from brighton, as am i and wondered if you knew any good places to get a bass amp?

Thankies hun

From Sonnet...NOT a new generation 14 year old mtv girly who fancies you. God do they really leave messages on your lj announcing their love for you!?....I blames it on the h00bs.

I would think the best place to get one would be the Drum Cavern - it calls itself a Guitar and Amp store, it's (I think) just down the road from the Komedia in North Laine. It's a really conspicuous yellow shop, you can't miss it :o)

Ahh is that the one by Punktured the piercing shop?....odd when you tell your way around Brighton by a> places you go to gigs...b>Places you go to drink and c> places you go for bod mod.

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