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Foolish Mortal Popex
So anyhow, playing Popex, as one does... I used to be so good... I peaked at 16th in the rankings, before I stopped caring for eighteen months. Well I care a bit again, so I've been playing, but good grief am I sucking a bit... See, I'm identifying bands who are about to become big on the divis, as one does... I bought loads of shares in Moby a few weeks before his album came out, in Pink a few weeks before she suddenly became big again, you get the idea... So I'm earning a shit load off my weekly dividends. But for some reason, I just don't know when to quit. My Moby shares have gone really high up in price, but I bet they'll have dropped massively before I actually sell them. So annoying...

Went out early this morning on account of how I wanted a bit of fresh air and stuff... Wandered down to the beach before it got at all busy, 'twas nice. Came back, went back to bed, had some weird dreams, but they were great. I won't explain them here right now, because nobody likes hearing about other peoples' dreams, yet everybody likes talking about their own. It's odd, that.... I guess we assign far more significance to our dreams than they're due, or something... Regardless, some other time perhaps....

Oh, and my father has finally updated his LiveJournal. Shocking :o)

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i like to hear about other peoples dreams, :P


me? crazy? never!! nope its everyone else thats crazy not me :P

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