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The results are in. You, the hapless public, decided to categorise me thus:

Above all things, I am apparently Amusing. This shocks me more than it shocks you, I assure you. Secondary to that, I am A Menace to Society, which does not surprise me in the least. In fact, I harshly judge all those of you who did not think that applied to me. In third place is Witty, which again comes as a shock, but I shan't complain. Next, in a tie, are Funny and Intelligent. After that, a far less popular choice than I would have thought, is that I am Arrogant, and that I'm Unique. Those are the two things I would have chosen above all others. Oddly, the two least chosen answers were Boring and Hurtful. Thanks, that's so sweet of you to say so. Third-to-last was Annoying, but since I annoy even myself at times, I rather think that this should have had more votes. Oh well, no matter.

The important thing, as far as I'm concerned, is that I'm obviously not doing too bad a job here. Which is fine by me... Now, before the RSI in my left hand fully kills my ability to type (curse practicing guitar for four hours today plus numerous hours of typing), I'm going to go to sleep. Or at least pretend to....

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isn't it great how, when you reach a certain stage in your guitaring life, you can sit and play forever, just making stuff up, perfecting old songs, and keeping those fingers quick and nimble.

i cut my fingers up by accident the other day, but i still played... the elastoplasts got in the way so i took them off and played some more. Worth all the pain. :D

(sorry, i just love guitar and talking about guitar, could you tell?)

What about the people who said you are a twat? There seems to be no mention of us...I mean, them.

Funny, that ;o)

Votes for "twat" were sufficiently in the middle that I couldn't be bothered showing where they were placed...

Anyway, we've yet to establish if it's really such a bad thing ;o)

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