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"Why I Can Piss You All Off And Not Care"
It's finally happened... Too much time on the Internet has left me cold and hard... I am unsympathetic to the psychological wellbeing of other Internet users, and have little or no patience with them or their petty lives. And you know what, it doesn't bother me at all, because the world needs extremes.

Look at politics. Take a look at George W Bush. He's the "democratically elected" representative of America. He effectively controls half the Western World. His actions can affect the entire globe. Was the whole globe asked whether they wanted this man in charge of America? No. As soon as leadership of a country has a global scope, in a time of cooperation between countries, shouldn't the other countries have some sort of say? No matter, his responsibilities really centre around America, so the Americans voted for him. I mean granted, he was voted for by a minority of the voting public. And yes, the voting public is a minority of the country.....

So let's recap. This is the most powerful man in the world. He was voted for by a minority of a minority of a minority (Bush Voters, Voters, Americans, respectively). Wow, I'm so glad democracy is working, for a second there I thought important decisions were being made by irrelevant self-declared representatives of my interests.

So you know what we need? We need more people to vote - at least that would make elections a little more plausible as a reliable indication of what the people want. Nobody votes because nobody cares. So you have to make them care. What if I told the population of the USA that I would sponsor the slaughter of their first-born children, and randomly cut body parts off every white guy in the country? What if I told them that it was reasonably likely I'd win the next election because voter apathy was killing the system. Do you think they'd start voting then? I think so...

Look at France - as soon as a right-wing fascist fuckwit looks like he might win, everybody suddenly wakes up and votes against him, voicing their opinions. If we could get that everywhere, perhaps elections would be credible. I might listen to the voice of the people if it was more representative of those people.

So next time somebody looks at me and says "what an asshole", I'll smile and think to myself that at least they're forming an opinion. At least they've decided what they approve of, and that what they approve of isn't me. It might sound like an absurd rationalisation for acting like a shit to everybody, but I rather like to think that as a result of it, people might actually decide to form opinions.

As for laying into people online and potentially upsetting the shit out of them, well tough. The Internet is not a nice or a safe place. I like to believe that five or six years ago, it was a good deal nicer than it is today - I certainly thought it was and was a lot more carefree online. Frankly, if the worst I'm doing to these dumb kids is fucking with their heads, they're getting off light. If they cry to Daddy, perhaps Daddy will take measures to ensure that his impressionable thirteen year old kid ceases sending random messages to strange twenty year olds telling them they're hot. The next twenty year old she says that to might say "Hey, let's meet up in the woods by your house" and suddenly you've got a breaking story on the news.There are people out there who seek to do more to kids than simply piss them off a bit. Comparatively, I'm one of the good guys.

The 'net used to be a nice place though, as far as I was concerned... These days, I harbour a deep hatred for practically every aspect of the Internet and the cretins it brings me. Over the past six years, the Internet has confronted me with moron after moron. I desperately cling to the hope that I'm not an intellectual snob, knowing full well that I am. I hate these illiterate, ignorant little fuckwits who live in their own little fantasy worlds where it's cool to replace letters with numbers.

That probably makes me a really bad person, too... I recognise that feeling that way towards people whose only fault is that they don't make an effort to type and spell correctly is hardly the most tolerant of attitudes. But it does my head in, and for this reason, a real-life parallel might help.

Imagine a loud, stupid little kid who randomly comes up to you when you're doing something. He shouts in your ear, he talks crap, and he won't go away. Now imagine this kid does the same thing every day for five years, each time wearing a different set of clothes, perhaps with a different face even, but always the same kid deep down. You'd think they'd learn, but no. You could hide yourself away in a room somewhere, but then when the smart, nice, sensible, normal people tried to talk to you, you'd not be able to hear them. So you have to endure the kid and his many forms. Welcome to my Internet experience for the last half a decade.

I've lost all patience with the Internet and its cabal of morons. I'd want out, were it not for the three great opportunities it presents me with. The first is learning - the Internet teaches me things that I would find it difficult to learn elsewhere. The second is experience, which is slightly different from learning. The Internet puts me through things which change my perspective on life, and for this I'm thankful. And the third is amusement.

See, when that little kid comes running up to me to tell my I'm "hawt", or that he saw my "open diary and itz kewl", rather than patting them on the head and telling them to run along, I kick them in the psychologicals and make their head spin a bit. Half of them are wind-up merchants themselves and it doesn't matter. On the off-chance I upset somebody, well, using the argument with which TMA constantly justifies his actions, they shouldn't be on the Internet putting themselves in that position if they can't handle it.

I'll stress again, just in case somebody still doesn't get it - if you're vulnerable or impressionable, then I suggest that you do not talk to strangers online. Especially not me. Because I will screw with your head for sport. Because frankly, I've had enough of tolerating these annoying little bastards, and my sympathy has just run out.....

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"Look at France - as soon as a right-wing fascist fuckwit looks like he might win, everybody suddenly wakes up and votes against him, voicing their opinions."

Perhaps this is how Hitler came into power?

Well, all I can say for the kids who im you and whatnot, is that they are immature and playing a dangerous game. You are right, it is possible, and even likely in some circumstances that they could come up to someone who would do something really sick and nasty.

Personally, I think they are getting off easy.

And... My personal peeve... Anyone who IM's me with A/S/L. Shite, ppl, get a life.

Anyway, that's my take.


i despise ASL... msn even has it's own little emoticon icon for it...
(?) - if you're wondering.

it's shitty.

And cos i know Jamie will see this:

If you hate every aspect of the internet.... why do you use it?
is it like me, and just an addiction?

Whatever. Sorry, I just think its wrong that you are a bastard to random people. I know I was doing it the other day, but all I said was "I'm satan in a dress" type thing. I don't upset anyone.

I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. I couldn't do that to someone, even if they were annoying and I didn't know them.

Maybe its for amusement, etc, but I still don't see why you bother. Just block them.

If the internet pisses you off so much, then leave it. (and yes, I know that's not even remotely realistic, just saying what it looks like on the outside)

and no, I'm not having a go at you.
I have been awake for 20 minutes, and every single one has been fucking awful (read my journal) so don't take it personally.


and no, I'm not having a go at you.

Um... yes you are.


i wasn't

I was in a shit mood...

sorry :(

i felt this way about 5mins after being connected to internet, which was urm..... 6/7 years ago.

I can appreciate the loathing you have for internet morons, but in the end even making them feel bad just winds me up, now i just leave it...

Although the loathing still remains :)

u r 5o h4xx0r 1337 d00d!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!1!!111 scvx

you're cold AND hard?
wow, my perfect guy...

add me, I'm
and I give good blow.

[i shud realy goe ovar ths amd ad sum speling mistaks]

u luk hott, wanna cyber?!!!!1!!

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