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People who were sent to wind me up are only amusing for so long before they bore me.....

nudepeach22: hey sexy
TheUnknownJames: Yes
nudepeach22: i want you...
nudepeach22: whats your sign, baby?
TheUnknownJames: "No Right Turn"
TheUnknownJames: What's yours?
nudepeach22: Scorpio... the best in bed. cum on babe, be serious
TheUnknownJames: Oh, you mean seriously?
TheUnknownJames: Well seriously, I'm a Sagittarius
nudepeach22: oh...i like them sagitts
TheUnknownJames: We are probably less good in bed. I apologise in advance
nudepeach22: no, youre adventurous
TheUnknownJames: That's reassuring
nudepeach22: and fiery...
TheUnknownJames: I have been known to ignite for no apparent reason
TheUnknownJames: I blame it on wearing synthetic fibres
TheUnknownJames: By the way, before I inevitably consent to doing you up the ass, what's your name?
nudepeach22: oh... im into hemp
nudepeach22: Gina G-Spot
TheUnknownJames: What unfortunate alliteration
TheUnknownJames: Your mother must have been on crack
nudepeach22: indeed she was. hunny how old are you?
TheUnknownJames: I turn 15 next month
nudepeach22: then youre no saggittarius...
TheUnknownJames: Yes, I lied
TheUnknownJames: I was just testing whether I could spell it
nudepeach22: my youre a youngin tho...
TheUnknownJames: Is that a problem?
nudepeach22: thats okay i like em young
TheUnknownJames: I am glad
nudepeach22: im 22
TheUnknownJames: Otherwise it would be difficult for me to engage in an unrewarding sexual coupling with you...
TheUnknownJames: Wow, that's old. Do you still have full bladder control?
nudepeach22: indeed i do. and exellent tongue control....
TheUnknownJames: I don't see how that relates to peeing, but okay.....

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you have some *really* weird people contacting you....

you deal with them most admirably though :D

lol, silly silly people..
faceparty is hilarious, i signed up a few months ago for the amusement. denimkitty i think heheheh, gets boring after awhile tho

I know... :o)

Yeah, it seems really silly to me. No point to it at all. But others seem to use it, so who am I to judge? :o)

Couldn't find you. It gave this error message. Or something similar, anyway..... :o)

lol. i followed your link and read
We do very much like the sex. Please give us the sex now. Thanks.

its denim_kitty yeah, i did have a picture of me in school uniform (you might know the one) but i took it down. i got too many messages from silly people all saying the same thing. "you're fucking hot" etc etc

Yup, that sounds like it... What I meant was this error message here, sorry ;o)

Heh, is this the picture where you're all dressed up to look as young as possible? And people said that was hot? Some scary people in the world :o)

You and me should so start a community for people hounded by morons who think we're "hott" and "hawt" ;o)

hehe yeah! i've just signed in - look what you made me do heh..was going to check the old messages that i had but theyve been deleted.
school uniform = its supposed to be sexy, young innocent virgin etc

Pfft, innocent, you?!! I know the truth ;o)

i know i'm not innocent, i never said i was. people think i look it though, laa i dont know why

ooh and while i'm posting this i've found thee "slutish blonde slag" ever. - lilmissjordan eeeeeeeep


Good good :o)

And slutty blonde slag? Must send her a message!! :o)

I signed up to Faceparty some time ago and took the amusing stance of not uploading any pictures at all!

Oh how we laughed when the system generated emails kept flying in telling me they noticed I hadn't uploaded any pics!


"nudepeach22: no, youre adventurous
TheUnknownJames: That's reassuring
nudepeach22: and fiery...
TheUnknownJames: I have been known to ignite for no apparent reason"

HAHA, that had me creased... very funny dude.

On the upside, I'm scorpio.


Paul (unblock me dude!)

I did the other day, then I banned you again... Unbanned again now :o)

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