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Infuriatingly, I still haven't got any messages on my FaceParty thing... And I tried to make myself so appealing to the girls too.... ;o)

Furthermore, it troubles me that I file my nails.... I mean, it helps with the guitar playing, but really - it's just wrong...

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hehehe maybe if you claimed to be in a boyband...

I said Justin Timberlake was my role model - what more do I have to do?

you have to be one with the justin

If I do as he does and pretend I've fucked Britney Spears, would that help?


maybe if you wrote boyband slash... hehehehe

then i gues you'll have to pretend to be orlando bloom

they might not understand 'libido'. bit advanced, that.

Haha. Where do I apply? :)

(Deleted comment)
I've never bitten my nails, ever.

I want to procrastinate instead of working on my report *so* much that I'm going to analyze your teeny-bopper trickster tactics.

Reasons why you haven't gotten messages on your FaceParty thing.

Okay. Let's take this one step at a time, shall we?

>Profession: Party-Goer

Party-goers do not have an annual salary. Hell, they don't even have an hourly wage. Don't you know that all women are after money? Even at the tender age of 12.

>Makes Me Happy: Grrrls

Too many player-haters out there. And that's just the ones who don't equate you with Tony the Tiger of afamed Frosted Flakes commercials when they read that.

>Alcohol: I like to get drunk

Drugs: I use soft drugs

Okay, we're doing better here. Promoting the bad-ass image, which attracts many a naieve lady.

>Bad Habits: I'm tooo good in bed!!

This is ineffective for your target audience. Girls these age are still wrapped in the chains of "True Love Waits," and are afraid to think of disrobed men when during daylight hours and anytime their mummies are around because they might get caught with that sinful, lustful look in their eyes.

>Movie: Bambi

Once again, target audience error. Some college girls might think that was cute and fall for it, but these girls just think you're struggling with your sexual preferrence because their brains are still at a careful stage of development during which no gender cross-references can be made and vocabulary words are scarce. To them, if something is stupid, then it's gay. If something is sensitive, it's gay. If something is odd, it's gay.

>Possession / Thing: My libido

Again, vocabulary assumptions. Like my man said, libido is an advanced alphabet combo, let alone concept for these folks. Those who do know what it means are just frightened by it because they tell everyone they're not virgins, but they really are

Right, well in order to make myself less easily resisted by the patrons of the aforementioned site, I have made the following corrections:

My profession is now "Party-Goer with inherited wealth", suggesting that I have fun, have money, but am not tied down to a job. I feel it projects the rich playboy image that girls might want.

My perfect partner is listed as "A girl I can pamper and treasure", because girls are suckers. Similarly, what makes me happy are "Girls who I can respect for who they are".

My bad habit is now listed as "I just have too much love to give" which is more or less the same as before, only the girls won't realise that. And on a similar vein, my favourite possession is now "My Heart", because my target audience will believe anything I tell them.

I'm not sure how to tackle the movie issue - I'm out of touch with today's MTV Generation, and I don't know quite which movie woud help me trick/manipulate them into liking me. Do you have any suggestions? :o)

couple of extra tips:

Favorite Posession HAS to be "muh fone" or some badly spelt varient, Favorite Place "my bed!!!LOL!!!!!!" and favorite nightclub "ANY THAT HAS ALCOHOL!!!!"

at which point you end up with this:

muahahaha >:)


I don't want to end up with your sister. No offence ;o)

hehehehe. trust me, that page does her no justice. as much as i love her.. gah ;)

it was just the best example i could remember since they wiped my friends list :-/ had some really amusing ones ;)


My Eternal Dilemma...


woah! teenage angst ;)

i think in her case it's more "where do i get some money to put credit on my phone?" ;-)

she once got her hair cut and it didn't turn out exactly how she wanted and she spent hours crying over it. bless her ;-)

For movies, try Moulin Rouge

can't miss

But that would be in part true, and I can't have that...... :o)

Re: :: sigh ::

How about "Crossroad" then?? u know, the one by Britney-whats-her-name?
that'll probably work....

haha, it is funny when you write like that..

too cool...

i wonder how many people actually believe that you are like THAT...

nice one


I came across your journal, and I think it's really cool - would you mind if I added you?


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