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Answers To Your Questions

Tony says: Are you rich enough to give me money?

I'm sorry Tony, but I'm not even rich enough to give myself money.

Debbie asks: Would you fuck Dave in the ear and let me watch?

Yes. Yes I would. Would you pay?

Mel says: can i fuck your brains out, again? ;)


Sarah asks: why?

Why not?

Frances asks: Ever wanted a novelty doorbell? If so, with what tune?

Why yes, I have. I would very much like one to the tune of TV Classic "Trapdoor"

I asked: Who the fuck are you? , but I don't think I'll get an answer

TMA asked: Snuh?


Richaz asked: ersklafaalia?


Stephie asked: Ummm . . Why do you get to live in England and I don't?

It is a curse. Count yourself lucky

Just like his mother last night, Michael Bungey asked: Why are you such a knobend?

irishflute asked: Would you save the world by chopping an inch off of your penis?

Yes, I would. The question is answered "Yes" by those with enough length to spare, and "No" by those who wouldn't have enough left.

Dweezie asked: How can I keep from being jealous when your polls and surveys are so much funnier than mine?

In the event that the day you describe ever arrives, it will surely be the end of the world, and jealousy will be the least of your troubles.

mpthree1 asked: why do you hate america?

I don't. I love America. Are you stupid or something?

fyremaven asked: why would you EVER ask a man a question like that !

Boredom will drive a man to many things, I couldn't help it...

cldt asked: u take good care of your teeth?

I try

Drik asked: Are you *very* bored atm?

Not as bored as you, I would imagine...

Queer Steve asked: why wont you sleep with me?

You never asked.

Dee Em Zee asked: Was it good for you?

No, you need more practice.

chr0matin asked: I'm 14 and think that u r hott - can I marry you?

Form an orderly queue

Ed asked: Can I have my lightsaber back?


Oscar asked: Have you?

Have I what?

Clamu asked: Piss?

No thanks, I just ate...

Shany asked: well, if i give you those cds, will you burn those mp3s onto them for me?


That is all..... :o)

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(Deleted comment)
As I said on IRC, my answer is that I'd have an inch added if I thought it would bring about the end of the world.







At the risk of bothering others reading this...

You know you can do it any time you like ;o)

just turn the webcam off first.




oh god.

I'll be careful of that...

could be American Pie styleee! Although, the guy suffered out of that, so... hehe

actually, i was thinking more Killer Net stylee ;)

that was filmed in Brighton too. hehehe ;)


oh god. don't get me started :P

hehehe. you're the only other person i know who's seen it ;)

I'm like, obsessed with it :)

I am making Jamie watch it asap.

Oh, and I made Charly watch it!

All my friends from school saw it when it was on TV...

I remember the adverts really well. It had Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead on in the background :D


Don't worry - I'm not so stupid as to let that happen... :o)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

u r0x0r d00d!!!1111!

(Deleted comment)
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