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IdiotCam Online
This here is a picture. It is of me. It is updated every 30 seconds. I hope your eyes all burn!!!!

Anyway, onto other things.......

Update: And off again....

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Is that your light switch on the wall over there? What a strange looking light switch. Or maybe it's a thermostat. Hmmmm...

Cool posters though.

Depends. If the shot was of me at the computer, then yes, it's the lightswitch. Looks pretty much like every other lightswitch in the country :o)

If it was the shot of me playing guitar, then it's a little light that hangs above my bed in case I inexplicably require illumination and am too lazy to turn the main light on... But since my computer stays on 24/7, there's little point in having it :o)

MY EYES!!!!!


Hmm... It's 12:25am here, so that means it's therabouts 5:25am where you are... So, do you ever sleep? lol. Ah well. I shouldn't talk...


I'll sleep in a while.....

I'll prob be up till 5am my time, so no worries.

Enjoy your nights sleep.

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