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Next Programming Task
Get this - I have to program a text based adventure game. How cool is that? I'm sat here, doing a course on Programming, and we're being assessed on our ability to code games. Allow me to digress...

Can't be much older than 8 or 9, I don't think. I would play "Castle" repeatedly, running into the central courtyard, grabbing the necklace off the statue, walking along the ramparts fighting the trolls and ogres up there, and then finally, after years of playing, I found the secret passage, collected the sceptre, and managed to win the game. Wow, I thought, that's such a good game. So I decided to make my own. Loaded up Basica, started coding, didn't get very far, but I had a LOT of good ideas, which are still relevant today. Later on, I got RPG game-building tools, which allowed me to use graphics and prebuilt coding, but the basic premise of how the game should work remained the same - I still had my ideas. In Mrs Crouch's class at primary school, we'd have a program where we could build our own text based adventure games. Again, I would spend ages just trying to get the ideas right. And now, 10 years on, with enough programming experience to get the bastard things to work, here I am being told to do it as part of my degree. Unbelievable!

Anyhow, so I'm well happy about that. I'll have objects for rooms, objects for monsters, objects for items... The monster objects will have combat methods, into which you pass the player's details - imagine the FF books from years back, only all automatic. Items will have method calls for different actions you can perform with them, and rooms will merely be objects which hold the other objects. The main method will just knit it all together, make sure it all holds, and that's about it. Damn, I love this assignment... I'm off back to the flat to listen to Everclear's Volume 2 album after my next essay, and code non stop until it's done.

Oh, yes, Everclear. I've got their new album. It's really very good. In the words of my one true love (Brian, not Becca), "God f'ing bless Art". Unfortunately, I don't like it yet - as with all Everclear albums that are real Everclear, it takes a while to really get into them. Which is why I'll just loop it until I like it - it worked for Afterglow and the others... Only Volume 1 was instantly likeable, and that's because Bri sent me the best songs from it one at a time, so I got into it gently. Ho hum...

Anyhow, my next seminar is a Computing one - at 5pm, I have to sit in a room, learning how to use the computers to do maths stuff. Every single week, I finish before he's even stopped explaining what we have to do - it's that easy. I have to pretend I've done it before, rather than actually admit that it's all pathetically simple, and that the other morons in the class are only taking more than 10 minutes on it because they fail to grasp even the most simple computer-based concepts. Grrr... Either that, or I'm just a genius. Either way, I'm happy with it. I mean come on, last time was how to insert equations into Word. I've never done it before, and I managed to get the hang of it immediately - how come these other morons can't? Logically, I have to retain more computer knowledge, thus I should have more difficulty in remembering what's what - I have to remember keyboard shortcuts in 20 different programs in three different operating systems, and menu systems for 98, NT, CDE, plus all the applications within. Yet, I can still remember how to do the stuff in Word, despite the number of things I could confuse it with. AAAARRRGGHHH!!!! I'd miss it, but I'm already here, and he noticed that I missed it the last time - seems that being top of the frigging class means that they notice when you're not there. Damn...

Anyway, I'm bored of this. Much as I dearly love my journal, I can think of nothing else to say. Hopefully it won't think it's tomorrow, but if it does, I'll have to change my entry. For some reason the COGS machines report the date to me as being the 27th, but the LJ update page thinks it's the 28th. I've changed it, and hopefully it'll accept that change. In randomly-entering-my-head news, it's only 4 more days before I can play Monkey Island 4 - hooray! Then just one more day before I can play MI1, MI2, MI3, The Sims, and whatever else I command my family to bring with them. I must say, knowing MI4 is in the flat somewhere and that I'm not playing it is practically killing me here - but I know that it'll be SOOOOOO good when I get to actually play the game. Can't wait! More later...

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James, I willinsist that your poor, poor family do not bring any thing for you unless you say please! And now i have a rival for your affections??? Brian???? am hurt, but v much looking forward to seeing you soon!Beccaxxx

Aww, you poor little thing... Don't worry - the way I feel about you is rather different to how I feel about Bri :o)

And yes, I have already asked (politely) that they bring those things. So nerr :o)

I agree with Becca

Well said Rebecca. Command indeed......

James, you'll now have to beg if you want us to bring anything with us, e.g. CDs of MP3s, CD games, food, money, etc.

BTW pride comes before a fall, or so the boring bastards keep saying. I refer to programming a text adventure. Please don't assume that you can just sit and program it. You will need to make maps and notes before and during. Of course, you'll probably either:

a) do it straight off just to prove me wrong


b) say " I was going to do that anyway"

Whatever, good luck.

Re: I agree with Becca

Actually, I was thinking of letting the program do all the hard work. I want my main method to randomly generate my map, place objects accordingly etc. I think I can do it simply by constructing a 4x4 collection of rooms, linking random ones, writing an algorithm to weed out all the rooms that you can't get to, and then set one as the victory room, and randomly assign monsters etc. Basically, it's all very cool.

However, in order to avoid the same problems as last time, I will of course do it with maps, make sure my player and item objects work, and then (and only then) will be when I actually do anything special...

(Deleted comment)
If I do (and it's not unlikely that I'll need somebody to test it all), I'll mail you the files :o)

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