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Well the webcam experiment was a success... I just wanted to make sure that the software I had wasn't going to crash if I left it on for a while. And it didn't. Over six hours of me being asleep - and 400 hits. That's quite shocking really... Now, the eternal decision. To I just decide to live life as a true exhibitionist and have my webcam on 24/7? Bear in mind that I spend approximately three quarters of my time naked - is this really what the viewing public wants to see? And if not, would I remember to put clothes on?

Anyhow, another day is upon us... One week before my Neural Net coursework has to be in... Should get cracking on it really... Then there's revision....

I was talking to Claire the other night about Uni, and about how it's not so bad any more. Having effectively taken the last six months off, it's stopped depressing me as much as it used to. The thought of doing work no longer sends me spiralling into a pit of despair, because I can't even remember what it's like. Oh well, if it stops me getting depressed....... :o)

Anybody who hasn't already done my poll must do my poll. It is required of you :o)

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I couldn't live on a webcam. What if I wanted to pick my nose or adjust a wedgie or....or...engage in some self-gratification rituals? That is just none of anyone's business.


That's why I have a "Pause" button ;o)

Heh - that's what a ninny I am. I'm too technologically impaired to think about a "pause" button.

Or just too lazy. Either one.

In any case, you should put on more clothes. Otherwise you might exceed the screaming pre-teen IM quota for the month. ;)

Indeed - I have observed that screaming often occurs when I'm exposed...... :o\

Tonic is great. :)

Re: music selection

Agreed - that's pretty much all there is on my playlist right now... Sugar and Lemon Parade are two of my favourite albums ever, I don't listen to them nearly enough....

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