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Ди-Ен-Зи Из Ступид

Heh... I love poorly constructed phonetic Russian type stuff...

Anyhow, the point is, DMZ and TMA were looking at a Russian website earlier, and I was able to translate half the words, because I know what the Russian letters sound like, and where computers and country-names are concerned, the words are phonetically identical, and it's just that they're spelled with Russian letters.

Russian is fun :o)

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"DMZ and TMA" - you mean me you fool! TMA was just along for the ride. Only I have the style and grace to view sites that I can in no way comprehend. I have Japanese and Chinese font support just so that I can view symbols that I cannot read.

Me too. I even downloaded Korean font support just so that I could fail to comprehend the spam I get daily.

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