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I really do have no patience...
BadCKing: hay it is chad
TheUnknownJames: I'll let you know when I care
BadCKing: ouch
BadCKing: that was rough
BadCKing: :-*
TheUnknownJames: You're welcome
BadCKing: man u are mean
TheUnknownJames: I try
TheUnknownJames: Did you want something?
TheUnknownJames: By the way - who are you meant to be?
BadCKing: chad
TheUnknownJames: Doesn't ring a bell
BadCKing: king
TheUnknownJames: Still not familiar. Did I sleep with your mother one time?
BadCKing: who the hell are u then
TheUnknownJames: You mean you don't know?
TheUnknownJames: Then why on earth were you trying to talk to me?
BadCKing: are u james
TheUnknownJames: Well done, you get an A+ for Reading, but a D- for Comprehension
BadCKing: newton
TheUnknownJames: That doesn't help you know...
TheUnknownJames: Cease spouting random names or be terminated
BadCKing: james newton
BadCKing: is that your name
TheUnknownJames: Never heard of him
TheUnknownJames: On reflection, perhaps I slept with his mother...
BadCKing: maybe, than who are u
TheUnknownJames: I do not have to explain myself to you
TheUnknownJames: What on earth makes you think I'm this "James Newton"?
BadCKing: because the kids name was james newton, and his name what theunknownjames
TheUnknownJames: No. My name is TheUnknownJames
TheUnknownJames: His is clearly something else
BadCKing: oh, fine then sorry for your truble
TheUnknownJames: You will be
TheUnknownJames: Tell James Newton I'm gonna come hurt him
BadCKing: fine, bye
TheUnknownJames: Bye loser

In other news, a search on Google for my name came up with the following match. The page's title is "Lesbian Phone Sex", and the snippet runs as follows: Oh My Goddess! A two-headed monkey with a name tag that said "The Unknown James" came screaming the following at me. Peter and said, We want to go back as...
Fantastic, isn't it... I'm utterly baffled by that, but there we go :o)

Oh well.... Should do something creative, but I've lost the urge...

lau REN Lemon: hey!
TheUnknownJames: ARGH!
TheUnknownJames: NO!!
lau REN Lemon: ok, i'm going bye
lau REN Lemon: lol
TheUnknownJames: Thank God for that
TheUnknownJames: I was worried you'd ask me to marry you again or something
lau REN Lemon: i'm going to go ride my bike!!!
TheUnknownJames: Hope you fall off and suffer a horrific facial injury
lau REN Lemon: that wasn't me, i tried to tell you, but that was my sister!
lau REN Lemon: geeeeez!
TheUnknownJames: How utterly convincing
TheUnknownJames: You never mentioned that before.....
lau REN Lemon: ok, i don't care! i have a b/f, i don't need you anywayz, bye!
TheUnknownJames: Thank God
TheUnknownJames: See you in hospital
lau REN Lemon: because you alwaays would blokck me before i could tell you!!
TheUnknownJames: That's not true
TheUnknownJames: Sometimes I'd swear at you, then block you
TheUnknownJames: That provided ample time
lau REN Lemon: lol
lau REN Lemon: true
TheUnknownJames: Anyway, go crash your bike now
TheUnknownJames: Bye

[22:54:34] <Jamie> One amusing point of the night was Jimbo asking me to point out a hot girl (he was in no fit state to judge), so I aimed him at two blatantly underage girls, gave him some money to buy them drinks with, and watched from afar as the situation unfolded and he recoiled in horror at the fact that he was chatting up a 16 year old....
[22:55:04] * DMZ makes a mental note never to accept advice from James
[22:55:25] <Deity1> LOL
[22:55:32] <Deity1> j00 r0x0r ;)
[22:55:49] <The_Arcane_Chas> Point of order - 16 year olds are *not* under age. ;-}

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hhehe. i really have to start being a bastard more often.

/me thinks about a particular 16 year old from a very recent holiday (pictures pending *drool*) and wonders what the big deal is! ;0)

am I the only one who thinks this is *too* mean?

Response 1) Which one of them?

Response 2) Probably


What, even the Lauren one? You had no trouble with laughing at the girl and posting a snide commend on her journal a week ago........

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