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So put quite simply we have a schedule that looks something like this, commencing on the 4th of June. That gives me less than two weeks before I have to start heavy revising. Plus, I have a Non Symbolic AI coursework piece to do for a week on Thursday. Which is going to be hard, and is worth 2% of my entire degree. But I'll do my best :o)

04: Revise CompVis
05: Revise SymAI
06: Revise ILP
07: Revise NLP
08: NLP Exam
09: Revise NSym AI
10: Revise NSym AI, SymAI, CompVis, ILP
11: NSym AI Exam
12: Sym AI Exam
13: CompVis Exam
14: ILP Exam
15: Complex Exam
16: Revise Stats
17: Stats II Exam
18: Revise Diff Eqns
19: Revise Groups
20: Groups Exam
21: Break
22: Break
23: Break
24:Revise Diff Eqns
25: Diff Eqns Exam
26: Revise NumAnal
27: NumAnal Exam

I'm partially screwed, and here's why - June 11th through 15th is going to kill me. Both AI courses, plus Computer Vision, plus Logic, all in a row. That's the four hardest courses I've done (with the possible exception of Differential Equations, which I have like ages to use for preparation beforehand) one after another. I'm going to be a wreck. Best carry out my "Get all the past papers" plan soon :o)

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27: NumAnal Exam

That doesn't sound very pleasant at all. Granted, there are those who enjoy this kind of thing, but I prefer to avoid any sort of Anal Exams.

I feel proud - I was the person in our year group who pointed out that Numerical Analysis is easily abbreviated to Num Anal :o)

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