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I'm reakly stupid sometimes. I went to the sohp to get some drink, as one does. It's getting slightly light out already - at 4am, you can see that the sky is getting lighter. So, I got some water, then got some Mars Drinks too, because they're just so nice. Decided to swap one of the Mars drinks for a banana milkshake. When will I learn - banana milkshakes aren't so great - wish I hadn't now...

In my experience the only decent banana milkshakes are to be found at the Doghouse in Belleville, PA. They made such amazing milkshakes there - there were the banana ones where you found lumps of banana in them if you looked, or the peanut butter ones, which just tasted so amazing. I've only eaten one peanut butter milkshake since leaving America last summer, and I kinda miss them. They're just so nice... Peanut Butter based foods are scarce here, it's so sad...

While at thge shop, they played the old remix of Trumpton I used to listen to in years past. I had it in .mod format - a sequence of samples played back through (typically) eight channels. It was great - I composed some cool tunes in that. Take a library of samples of guitar sounds, and make a song. I did, at one point, have a nice little song, with fret noises, slides, everything, long before I could ever play guitar. I used to compose more when I couldn't just play other peoples' stuff... Odd really, that the better I get, the less I invent :o)


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