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As you know, I suggested to Claire that I'd stay up until 5am and send her a text message containing just the letter "C", and she thought it'd be funny. So anyhow, 5am comes, I send the message, and go to bed. Wake up this morning, tell her good morning and such, and get the reply back saying that she can't believe I stayed up, and that it was both crazy and adorable. Well adorable is really something I could get used to being called - especially by her. My message had also said "So, anything else you want me to do?", to which she replied with "Anything else? Hmm... =)". Woohoo - she's playing along now. That's always going to be a good sign, to my mind... Anyway, she's off to London today, which naturally gives me another talking point. According to Vicky, I ought to phone her on Tuesday if I want to continue "playing the game", which apparently I do... Girls are funny creatures... Anyhow, after a text message conversation, the last message I sent was basically asking her if she was single or not. Subtle? No. But I want to know, so... :o)

In other news, I've installed Turnpike, and I'm now using that (and my home Demon account - just have to make sure they're not using it at the same time :o) to post to AGTS and AGRA - now I feel much better. OK, I have a life and all, but I still want to be able to keep up with what's going on, and do so with software that has a nice GUI... I've had enough of sodding OE... Anyhow, everybody is fine, and unfortunately they didn't fall apart in my absence - far from it, there's now more of them than when I left. My private army is now self sufficient, and capable of operating without central leadership. Not bad... Of course, if both myself and Chas left at once, I think they might flounder around not knowing what do with themselves any more, but the odds of us both going are pretty slim (we hope :o)... Thus, all is well :o)


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