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Darkness seems to be working 9 to 5 lately... The world doesn't get dark until about 9pm, and it's light by 5am... Part of that is living next to a south-facing coast. The sun only goes down when it sinks below the sea-level horizon, and even then reflection by the sea keeps it a bit light. Then it rises in the morning over the sea too. Maximum sunlight (14 hours of it yesterday). No wonder it's warm around here with that much sun.

So, today... Went to the cinema to see Episode II. It was even better than on my computer (obviously), I loved it. Everybody else enjoyed it, except Jimbo, but we've already decided that he's a moron. If he'd be less bigoted and more accepting, it might help my opinion of him. It's normally okay, but every now and again he says something to really annoy me. And when we got there, Claire pretended to have forgotten her credit card (on which the tickets were pre-bought), so she and Jimbo were trying to get me to go home and get it for them. And I almost went. It was slightly raining, I only had a t-shirt, yet I was willing to run home to get her credit card, despite having already seen the movie. I would say that was a nice gesture, but what do they do? They laugh, and reveal that Jimbo had the card in his pocket. Had I actually gone home, and they'd revealed their little "game" to me via text message (as I suspect they would), I'd have been most displeased.

Anyhow, yeah, watched the movie again, it was excellent. I didn't feel like I'd spoiled it by seeing it on the computer before I saw it in the cinema, although I won't do that with Episode 3. I'm looking forward to the third one most of all - the most character development, potentially the most action.... Plus, it'll be set against the backdrop of a war, which is good - the original Star Wars movies were good because of the eternal feeling of conflict and struggle. That's perhaps how this will feel. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it.

Aside from that, it's been an average lazy day for me. Roll on tomorrow, when Mel will be here :o)

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Would you believe I've never even seen the first Star Wars?

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