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Ah, more randoms to annoy...

TheUnknownJames: YOU ARE TOO YOUNG
Cheated Angel: FUCK YOU
TheUnknownJames: Perhaps if I warn you repeatedly and then block you, you will learn your lesson

And so I did. Thus are punished all people who send me messages on AIM saying "Oh my God, you are hot". Fuck 'em.

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I think if you took your picture down you'd get fewer comments.

I like the comments (why else would I put the big version of the picture in the upper left of my journal style). But I also like the torture... I'm a complex little boy... :o)

PS, don't go thinking I'm some smug little bitch - I love when people like me, ordinarily, and I know I'm not some hot stud or anything. The problem is, when people do like me, they always seem to be 14 years old, live several thousand miles away from me, and listen to N'Sync. They all add me to their AIM lists having seen my journal, and then proceed to ask "ASL" despite my journal carrying all that information. Some of them ask if they can marry me. It gets a bit much at times.

But I'm far too egocentric to contemplate removing the picture :o)


Hey.. i am one of those 14 yr olds that lives thousands of miles away that find you kyute!.. but at least i dun listen to N'suck or ask u to marry me (fuckin psychos that do that *nods*) and i am nifty lol.. well im not but yea.. you have the attention of the youngins' of around the world lol. You have put them into a trance of "*zombie walk and talk*Jamie hott.. Marry Now!" ..mhm.. thats how they are.. well yea.. i'm goin now heh..
~The Random Lauren~

hold it there!
"live several thousand miles away from me" = "listen to N'Sync" ?????
that's not so...humm...objective, is it?

I didn't say one implies the other, read it again. I merely said that people who want me typically fall into one or more of those categories.

*tell* me thats a real journal? :D

thats fucking hilarious :D

Oh yes, it's real. Some 14 year old American girl who wanted to marry me.

LOL... she has a boyfriend in Switzerland, eh?? Haha. Wooooooow. Weirdness.

What was I like when I was 14?

Ohhh wait . . I AM 14.
lol . . :-D
Love ya, James.

You're a much better 14 year old though :o)

haha! All the lil gurls who think ur hott are probaly starting a fan club hun...aww isnt that cute? Jamie has groupies~!

I'm j/k sweetheart...

oh yeah, what a chore it must be.. :-P

Try it sometime - it'll irritate you. Do you really want 14 year olds after you?

meh. i'd rather get some attention, no matter who it's from, than the near zero i get now ::shrugs::

But bear in mind that for ages, it was *only* fourteen year olds who wanted me - the people of an acceptable age didn't. That was annoying as hell :o)

still more than i get ;)

Heeey, I resent that.


You know you're different :o)

Ah, the struggles of a popular person. You must be so very drained! lol. have you not considered the possibility of toying with them? building up their little hpes and letting their little hearts fall and burst on the cold hard floor of rejection when you tell them to go away?

Erm.. i hope not, cos that is evil and very bad and i in no way condone such actions. Yes. Right. Hmm.

whistle, whistle

P.S. I love you and want to marry you and i'm 14 and the biggest N-sync fan in the wholest wide world. And stuff. :p

Cool Ian, I want to marry you also.

Just kidding! I actually have no intentions of marrying you!! I bet that rejection hurt so much that you're gonna turn into a goth now ;o)

WoW! You were right! Now i suppose i am gonna have to go and ditch my pink feather bower(?) and buy loadsa black stuff. Darn.


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