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This just in from my cousin Matt...

Steadfast Drums: getting off the subject, im surprised why you havent asked why im not in school. but to save you the time from asking the question, its because thursday felt so much like a friday that i had to take today off

TheUnknownJames: And I have to say, I'm proud of your mature attitude - not bad for a 9 year old ;o)
Steadfast Drums: im 15 you jackass
TheUnknownJames: I know that, I'm messing with you :o)
Steadfast Drums: that's what I figured
TheUnknownJames: You're the same age as Ed - it's not hard to remember
Steadfast Drums: but either way, you're a jackass ;-)
TheUnknownJames: Agreed ;-)

Funny guy :o)

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Hey! Im so sad too inform you, that Im not here to tell you that I think your hot. ;) And Im not fourteen, so it all works out. Anyways.. I just wanted to let you know. That I LOVE the ataris! :) So if you like THEM, I figured you would have good taste in music. Anyways, thats all I wanted too let you know. I'll hold back EVER so hard the hott comments. (I really hope you got that sarcasm over the computer-junk. Then I'd luck awfully normal.) ;)
-Laurie Atari

You like the Ataris but have a Gwen userpic? Interesting......... :o)

Oh contraire, my good fellow. Old No Doubt. Only good old ska No doubt. Arent we the opiniated one. I was just trying to be nice, English Muffin. ;) Woo wee.

Ah..... Well, if it's old No Doubt, then I apologise profusely - I liked them :o)

Apology accepted. I liked them too. Their new shit makes me angry. RAR. How's the UK? Thats gotta be intresting, cant say I've ever been there.. What other music do you like?

New No Doubt sucks so much... I dunno when Gwen Stefani turned into Trailer Trash, but it saddens me that she did...

The UK is fine. A bit dark, but that's all...

As for other music - I like Tool, No Use For A Name, Saves the Day, Everclear, Sugar Ray....

Yeah, dont know what thats all about. She's hott too. Oh well. Thats not your natural hair color? Mine either! (Apparently.)

Dark? What time is it there? Im going to London in about a year and a half. Does that count?

Saves the Day, and No Use are both great.. How about Starting Line, Rufio, Sublime, and Finch. Any? ;)

British time is +5 from EST.

And how dare you suggest it's not my natural hair!!! ;o)

Like Finch, not so sure on the others but I certainly don't dislike them :o)

So .. its like, 3 in the morning there? 330? Go to sleep!

You said it wasnt your natural hair!! Cheater!

You've heard of Finch? Wow, I didnt know they hit UK yet. Hey, Spice Girls were never THAT bad, really. ;) And do you really call them "knickers?" I get a kick out of that.

No Use For A Name didn't hit the UK yet. The Ataris have barely hit the UK - nobody knows who they are especially. I get most of my new music recommendations from people I know in the US, or bands I heard when I was out there.

And yes, panties = knickers.

Whered you go in the US? Stupid US. The only place worth going too is California, and New York. But Im a little scared of NY right now! LOL.

Knickers, eh? I know that and Loo. Teach me more!

Stayed in New York a bit (there's a great story about when I was homeless at Christmas in Penn Station, but I won't tell it now), but mostly stayed in Pennsylvania.

One month in a small town called Belleville, half an hour outside of Lewistown, and a week in Dillsburg, which is (I think) just south of the capital...

Im in Pennsylvania! Isnt that weird. Im on the border though of PA and Jersey. You went to New York around Christmas time? That must have been depressing. How did they go about telling you about September 11th over in the UK?

What do you mean, how did they go about telling us?

You heard about that whole thing, right? September 11th. Everyone has.. how did they tell you what happend? Did they just have it on like, 42 channels (like here) ??

Well we only have like 5 channels, but I guess it was probably on all of them... I was at work when the story broke (about 2:30pm), so I heard about it over the radio and through phone calls from friends and stuff.

Really? Well, I live about an hour and a half from NYC. So it was pretty scary. They didnt tell us. (At school.) They were afraid we would run wild and freak out. Which we did. We're Council Rock High School. No one can stop us. LOL, anyways.. I was in my 6th period class (which ends at 12:15) and no one told us anything. But thru classes those 5 minutes, everyone found out. People were being taken out of school, smoking in the halls, we were listening to the radio 7-8th period math, and people were on the cell phones in the bathroom. Scary day, man. Scary day.

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