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Life was so simple and permanent
I'm a victim of clever marketting. Living in North Laine is bad for my cashflow situation, this much is obvious. I live right in the middle of what is commonly accepted to be the alternative centre of Brighton. Which means that within a couple of minutes' walk from my house are shops that sell lots of cool things - specifically, there's a shop called Arkham which sells certain items...

The Pants Command Me!!!

Yes. I have that t-shirt. "Exclusive to Hot Topic" my arse. So yeah, basically, right by my house there's a store that imports shirts from Hot Topic (although charges twice as much). Not just shirts. Lunchboxes too. Like this, which would have been my next purchase, if I had the money:

Can I be a mongoose dog?

Mmm... I love Goth shops. Merchandise is so good..... But I must be strong. Must not impulse buy everything. They have tons more t-shirts, and keyrings (I have a GIR keyring), and GIR plush toys... And last night I downloaded some more episodes of Invader Zim, just to get a bit more up to date - it's so good. I love it.

Invader blood marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants! THE PANTS COMMAND ME!!!

Quality :o)

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if i lived where you live.. ie: a minute walk from Wax Factor... i would never *ever* have *any* money. i admire your strength. for i would have none in the face of such adversity ;)

Gothshops rule. They realy do. They sell stuff that everyone wants. The secret to this is to stock notrhing that anybody NEEDS. I base this theory on the fact that whenever i go to Camden in search of something i need, i can never find it; but i always return with stuff that i do not need. Which normally sparks a falling out with both my wallet and my stomach, who usually have so much love for each other (as they both keep each other being used, therefor they give each other meaning and point).

So, yeah, get a shop, stock things that are not needed in any way; and you will be set for life.

->Here endeth Ian's lesson in life (not to be taken seriously ever version) number 34 section b.

Government Health Warning :- Not to be tried in reality, ever.

that is the greatest show ever. did you just start watching? wait until you've seen a billion of 'em. sooo many more lines o' fun.

I've seen the first series through many times, I have them all. Getting some of the second series, but it's taking time...

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