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In an Oz-style plot twist, at some point this afternoon my house was picked up by a whirlwind and was subsequently deposited in Southern California (or similar cliché location of your choice). I know this for one of two reasons:

1) Upon leaving this house just now, I found a pair of ruby slippers sticking out from under it, and when I put them on I was whisked off on a magical adventure

2) I went outside and it was so hot that I was almost knocked over. All the guys are in shorts and t-shirts, all the girls are in bikinis, the whole place is immersed in an early summer. It's fantastic weather, enough to cheer me up a lot. Hence why in this, my 3,000th post to LiveJournal, I wish to announce that right this second, I'm happy. Now, where did I put my guitar...

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it's too warm.
i had to take my shirt off.

and my shoes.

oh to prance around the study centre shoeless.

but woo. i wrapped presents in zebra paper.

3,000 posts, that is one hell of a lot...

Just letting you know I've added you to my friends list, as I previously read all your posts through Tony's Friends page. I hope you don't mind. My journal is empty at the moment, but I plan updating soon. Once exams are out the way that is!


don't ask how I stumbled upon ur livejournal, but taadaa. Oh wait...Lol. Okay, nevermind. Hi...I'm Sarah *waves*. Right. Did it hurt to get your eyebrow pierced, and what kind of guitar do you play? I play electric. I was just wonderin tho. I donno if I'll ever be back here (cus I honestly have no idea how I got here) but u can email me @ whenever u want (or not if u dont wanna). I'm thinking of doing the eyebrow thing so...yes. Lol.

Well if you do get back here, then no, it didn't hurt to have my eyebrow pierced, and I play electric guitar. I wasn't aware there was any other type, really. Oh, you mean those hollow ones without leads? Yeah, they suck ;o)


( taadaa its Sarah *again* ) Being as smart as I am, I clued in that my computer haz a history thingy for a reason...Anywho. Electric rox...I can play Jingle Bells! (insert excited exclamation here) I only started in um. April? Yeah. But oh well. I think I'm gonna egt my eyebrow pierced this summer...well, whats cooler eyebrow, tongue or nose? I personally like They're...uh. Fun. Yez... Anywho. This is me wasting my boredom so that someone else can read it and get bored too, and today ur the lucky contestant! Lol. Um. Yeah. C ya.

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