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Attack of the Clones

Okay, so yeah, it's a great movie. That's my honest opinion. But let's look at a couple of bad points

Yoda: Around the survivors, a perimeter create

Um, no. Whoever wrote that line must have been on crack or something. They clearly think that Yoda talks randomly - well he doesn't, it's all logical, it's merely in a different order. The actual line would have been better as

Yoda: Create around the survivors a perimeter

I believe that that would therefore make it a split infinitive, rather than just nonsense. The only context in which the original line could stand would be if he had said it like this (note punctuation)

Yoda: Around the survivors, a perimeter. Create.

As if to describe what he wants, and then give the instruction. But that's not how it was delivered, and it's silly. But I'm reading too much into it, I guess - the only thing is, that was one of two lines in the movie that made me just cringe. I mean it really was awful. And the other line?

Dooku: It's obvious that this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with the lightsaber

I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work at all. Which is a shame, because otherwise, that scene is really good. Yoda catching Dooku's Force-Lightning and throwing it back at him was excellent - it takes a power that previous movies have shown to be pretty damned powerful, and makes it look trivial compared to Yoda's abilities.

Then there's Samuel L Jackson, who kicks serious ass as Mace Windu. The big where he does in Jango Fett is great. When Fett goes for Windu's lightsabre, and he just uses the force to pull it away from him, it's so funny. Jango is just lying there on the floor and Mace Windu is looking at him as if to say "You stupid bastard, what the fuck did you think you were doing?". And the way he despatches him with ease just goes to show that he really is rather good :o)

Speaking of Jango, Obi Wan's fight with him is really cool, I think. The flying kicks and stuff, it's all rather neat. And the fact that all the clones of him speak with a New Zealand accent is neat (if a little implausible - accent is not genetic). Oh, and it's also nice to see Bail Organa in it, given that in the next installment, Padmé and he will... well, I'm not sure what... But it's fair to assume that Padmé brings up Leia for the few years she subsequently lives, and Leia's second name is Organa, so......

Anyhow, plot-wise, it's really clever. For a time there, you think that perhaps Christopher Lee is actually the good guy, and that he's working against the Emperor. Then at the end you find out the truth - it's all done rather well. And then there's the Emperor himself, the way he controls everything, it's really very clever. He's known about the Clone Army all along (Dooku hired Jango), but has his followers thinking that he didn't. All he wants is a massive war, so that he can get more power in the senate. If we recall, it's only at the beginning of Episode IV: A New Hope that he actually dissolves the galactic senate. Until then, he still doesn't necessarily have supreme power.

One funny thing - the bad guys in this have Federation Starships. I seriously think it must be a dig at Star Trek, I mean, why else would they do that? I was amused :o)

The scene in the droid factory is taken straight out of a platform game, and I just know they're going to make one based on it. It was just too blatantly obvious. Speaking of which, the Artoo and Threepio bits in that bit are really amusing, and not to the point where it's out of place. They've always been a bit comical, so that bit is fun :o)

Predictions for the next movie - Anakin kills Dooku and takes his place at Darth Sidious' side.

Ooh, the bit

Obi Wan: And you will pay attention to my lead
Anakin: Why?

That was clever. For a second you're left wondering if Anakin is questioning Obi Wan's leadership, but then he goes on to explain that that's not what he means. I liked that bit. The Anakin bits are really good in many places - the bit where he slays the Tusken Raiders is especially moving, and you can see exactly why he's doing it and part of you wants him to do it.

All in all, the movie rocks :o)

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You thought this movie rocked? I strongly disagree. Yoda's mangled line was in perfect harmony with most of the other lines in that film. Granted, "Star Wars" has a long tradition of cheesiness, but at least in the original trilogy the chemistry between the actors made up for it... And the plot was anything but clever - it was entirely predictable, with only one decent plot twist. Most 12-year olds will probably enjoy "Attack of the Clones", but I certainly didn't. At this rate, I won't bother seeing Episode 3.

I agree I didn't like the moive at all. The lines were bad for everyone. And how could sentor chick not notice that ani was acting a little out of jedi ish when he was saying he would be the strongest jedi. She did hang out with two Real jedis for a while in the first moive. It sucked that is that!!!

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