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Fluttering Heart
Ah, I love having a LiveJournal. Brad deserves all my money, he really does. Since I have none, that works out rather well for my cashflow... But yes, LJ is truly great... See, I'm the sort of person who needs to really tell people things, stuff about my life, it's important to me that other people know. Through others, my life is validated, in a sense. However, current events are probably best kept from the others in my flat, on account of them probably not managing to keep a secret. And sometimes it's not a good idea to tell them stuff anyway - conflicts of interest, all that sort of junk. Anyhow, here's what I have to say for myself...

Of the Claire situation - well, I know that our Claire doesn't suspect anything. The other night, I joked about guessing the PIN on her mobile phone, and she made some crack about there being stuff on there about me - following this up with "You'll find out that I really love you deep down". Now, if she knew I was talking to Claire, then she'd have made a joke about that to get me paranoid, but she didn't. This is good enough for me... I don't want her freaking out, and we've been getting on quite well lately, so I don't want to bugger that up. I seem to be getting on with Claire and Vicky much better lately (so much so that they've decided I fancy Vicky now, yeesh...). Yay for getting on well with people...

So, about Claire (as in my one (in an ideal world), rather than our one (as in the one from the flat))... Well, she sent me a text message earlier asking what I was up to, which was nice. I told her, she explained what she was doing, we had a conversation that way for a bit, and then she phoned me. Yes, she actually phoned me. OH MY GOD (damn, I'm such a freaking girl about this sort of thing, I must apologise). It's like, woohoo. Spoke to her on the phone for... well, not very long at all, but that's not the point. The point is that she actually phoned me - I can't believe it. Ah, she has the prettiest voice ever... It's soooo good. While I was on the phone she randomly sent me a text message with just the letter "J" in it. So now we have this thing about sending random messages to each other (very cute, I know). I have, somehow, managed to promise to send her a text message with just "C" in it at some ungodly hour this morning. Dunno quite why, but I'll certainly do it - it's fun, and it'll make her laugh. She's now in bed, leaving me with the message:
"That's OK, I'll forgive you if the desire to sleep becomes too overwhelming. I think it's time for my beddy byes anyway. Night, and thanks for cheering me up :) XX"
Hooray. I feel happy. Still not sure if she's interested in that way or anything, but it doesn't matter - she's fun to talk to, which is easily enough for me. She likes X Files, Goo Goo Dolls, doesn't like how all the girls here fancy James, and is basically just very very groovy as a person. When she comes down, she's bringing the X Files board game, and we're going to play it - yay, more time spent together. Ahhh... :o)

Um, anyway, enough of being pathetic. I'm going now :o)

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X-Files and Green Day

The game was crap, lol.

But good that you listen to Greenday :o) good choice. And I hope it all goes well with things

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