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"Hey good-looking, how about I add you to my lits?"
Can't get motivated at all today, which is never a good sign.... I seem totally unable to perform even the most simple of tasks... Thus, as the talentless hack that I am, another batch of recordings gets deleted (along with the recording software too) because I just hate my guitar playing, hate my voice, and hate the fact that I can't f'king do this shit.

I'm off out somewhere

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I know the feeling.

Lack of motivation is probably the biggest reason I'm failing a course that I practically aced during the first year.

I wouldn't say you were a talentless hack. You've far more talent than I have and I am fairly talented if/when I put my mind too it.

Oh and everyone hates their voice. Tis just the way it is :-)

That was a lie. I love my voice. My voice rules. It really does. You know my voice? It rules, oh yes it does.

Everyone hates their voice except for you cause it rules and is lovely..

Happy now?


It'll have to do... :-&

shut the fuck up! "talentless hack" indeed... we'll have none of that silliness!

i know your mood has improved (3000!) now, but still, thought i should respond to this. :)

and now my last task is done. i go to bed.

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