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Random people were sent to test me. Whether I pass or not is irrelevant, so long as I have fun though. I've got somebody blatantly trolling me right now, so the obvious solution is to tell them to kill themselves. These retards are just annoying me. TMA, take note, this is how it's done ;o)

RandomPerson: if i get pregant, at 14, with some 16 yr old i have known for 2 months, i will get kicked out
TheUnknownJames: I do hope so
TheUnknownJames: It'll teach you not to be a slut
TheUnknownJames: The applicable lessons are quite clear
RandomPerson: dude, i lost my virginity
RandomPerson: i am not a slut
RandomPerson: ppl just take advantage of me, bc i am "fine"
RandomPerson: notice the ""
TheUnknownJames: Losing your virginity at 14 makes you a slut
TheUnknownJames: Doing it with somebody you barely know on an impulse further defines you as a slut
TheUnknownJames: Face up to your new slutty identity, and go get laid again for fun
TheUnknownJames: I dare you
RandomPerson: i dont even know you, but for some reason your hurting my feeling very badly
TheUnknownJames: I am glad
TheUnknownJames: The solution is to start cutting yourself
TheUnknownJames: Get the pain out of your system
TheUnknownJames: BLEED, BITCH

RandomPerson: my ass is a virgin
TheUnknownJames: How cute
TheUnknownJames: Probably the only part of you that is...
RandomPerson: i thought you were nice and could help me
TheUnknownJames: Um, no
TheUnknownJames: You're confusing me with somebody who isn't a bastard
RandomPerson: but you have been so nice before
TheUnknownJames: I was just trying to get you into bed. But now I see you are damaged goods
(note: I haven't spoken to this person before, to my knowledge...)

TheUnknownJames: Wow, you're so fucked up
TheUnknownJames: It's great, it's like Jerry Springer delivered straight to my desktop
(now I think about it, the name is familiar - maybe this person tried talking to me, and I did my usual trick of calling her names, warning her, then blocking her...)

RandomPerson: and i use to shoot herion
RandomPerson: 0oh...good times goodtimes
TheUnknownJames: I'm sure they were
TheUnknownJames: I'm calling the police shortly to report you
TheUnknownJames: They'll find the evidence!!
RandomPerson: your what? 17?
TheUnknownJames: 16

RandomPerson: I DONT DO PREPS
TheUnknownJames: What makes you think I'm a prep, slut?
RandomPerson: you act like one, i know for sure as fuck you arent gothic
RandomPerson: or emo
RandomPerson: or punk
(at this point, my feelings were hurt, quite irreparably)
TheUnknownJames: As it goes, I'm punk. Unlike you
TheUnknownJames: You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone
RandomPerson: i know i am not punk
RandomPerson: did i ever say i was no!
TheUnknownJames: You mean "save your breath, I never was one" right?
RandomPerson: if anything, i guess i am gothic, atleast ppl think i am
RandomPerson: yes
TheUnknownJames: People just think you're gothic because you're fucked up
RandomPerson: yes perhaps or maybe they are all fucked up.....?
TheUnknownJames: And you're the only sane one?
TheUnknownJames: Dare you to go to a police psychologist and tell them that

Note, all of this is a joke. I am not being me, I am playing a character. Therefore, I should point out that no offence or upset is meant to any of the following groups of people:

People who... lost their virginities at 14. Good for you. You beat me by a good many years, and probably had lots more fun in your teenage years than I did.
People who... are goths - I love goths, half my friends are goths. You guys rule, in a spiky, black, unhappy kinda way. I wish I could carry off the look myself, but apparently it wouldn't suit me.
People who... cut themselves. You have my genuine sympathy, and I don't mean to trivialise it. Many of my close friends have at some point done this, and I did myself once or twice (if only to see what the fuss was about). However, I feel that in the spirit in which it is intended above, it shouldn't cause offence. If it does, I apologise.
People who... get done up the arse. Your choice. Have fun.
People who... think that any of this is serious. It's not - it's so blatantly bull. I just didn't copy and paste those bits, because I didn't find myself so funny in them. But yeah, it's obviously not serious, don't worry, I'm not giving serious advice like that ;o)

I mean please... It's just so tempting to piss these morons off like that... :o)

P.S. If I'm inadvertantly (or otherwise) responsible for the next school shooting, I apologise now...

And with that, I go to bed. Heh, fun... :o)

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Therefore, I should point out that no offence or upset is meant to any of the following groups of people: *snip*

Disappointing :P
Feel free to shoot me the day I add a disclaimer to one of my posts "Oh but I don't mean offense to all these sad losers I've just ripped the piss out of:"

FYI (in case you forgot), people who have a baby aged 14 (that's the mother not the baby...) should be executed, and their body and that of their baby incinerated for the calorific value, as the only way I can see them actually doing some good is by generating electricity posthumously. Purifying the gene-pool this fashion is the only way society can survive through the 21st century - an age where we look after even the most pathetic excuses for human beings, ignoring the fact that natural selection is there for a reason.

People who... cut themselves. You have my genuine sympathy, and I don't mean to trivialise it. Many of my close friends have at some point done this, and I did myself once or twice

Yeah pesky paring knives... I nearly took off my thumb the other day cutting an apple. I sympathise also with those as lacking in hand-eye-knife coordination as myself.

Disclaimer: If you were offended by this post please get a grip. Or, in fact, post a reply revealing your sensitivity so I may harass you with very little effort.


Nice try, but you still don't come off as especially mean. You're too obvious :o)

By the way, the reason I added the disclaimers is because I have friends that those things could apply to, and I didn't want to upset them. Were I as utterly friendless as you, then it'd be easier ;oP

Psfgh, I choose my friends so they don't have so many 'issues' and I don't have to hold back when I'm slagging off immigrants, stupid people, etc...

It works out quite nicely :)

That's why you have about three of them ;o)

i do a standard disclaimer with anyone i talk to for more than 5 minutes "i say things that i think, period. if that bothers you, tell me,a nd we can talk about it. but i am not going to change the way i think for anyone other than myself, and i tend to think honest conversation is worth a possiblity of hurt feelings. thats what communication is, honesty. and if you cant handle it, dont try to be my friend."
and i love to fuck with random chatters. especially when they irritate me with stupidity or persist when told no.

well, i'd half-apply two of those things to myself.

and jamie, you're a heartless bastard. keep up the good work

Hence why I have to reassure people that I'm playing the part of an evil bigotted insensitive little bitch, rather than actually being one ;o)

you, sir, are my hero ;)

its 2:20am, i ache all over, and i'm laughing like buggery, the same amount I did when me and friends used to troll a Harry Potter chat room ;)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I see a nice rationale here!

I can go around being as insulting as I like to people and pass it off as playing a character! Obviously if I do hurt someone's feelings in the process it is quite patently obvious that its their fault for not realising I was in character thus leaving me devoid of any responsibility for their subsequent actions/emotional traumas!


Time for me to choose whether I'm a racist or sexist character today!

As opposed to the Twat you usually play, you mean?

Heh ... coming from you thats really quite amusing!

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