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Right, am awake, meeting Mel in London in three and a half hours, which gives me two hours to get ready, argh. I swear I'm missing so many clothes - I think they must be at home or something. I'll have to go back and get them at some point. That, or ask my dad to bring them to the gig tonight when he picks up my brother. But the former is probably the easiest way...

Right, so, have to get ready... On a separate note, I had some weird dreams last night:

Weird-ass dream... Got on a train, but for some reason, there was no driver, and it started moving - the guy at the station made me go to the cabin and control it myself. Anyway, I accidentally found myself somewhere in Scotland, so I went to the nearest station (still in my train), and it was all deserted. Then it turned out I was in the middle of this dead zone - turns out that in 1980, when Mt Etna errupted, it killed everything for fifty miles around this place in Scotland. It was all really dangerous and stuff, but really cool too.

Then there was another dream, where Richard was like this all-powerful being or something, which was a terrifying glimpse of the way things could be. But it was also just a fun dream, nothing especially scary. Which is good :o)


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