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Random Points
Oh, and finally - today is lovely and sunny and warm. Might go down to the beach in a bit, although it's a bit late - the kids will be down there now, and it'll start getting colder as the afternoon goes on. Shame....

Whenever I hear the first "I wouldn't care if I was washed up tomorrow" bit in Legacy, it sounds so like Andy Bell from Erasure... It's weird. Sorry, I'm just babbling.

It occurs to me that it's possible to climb up the roof of the house behind us from our back yard. Next time Jimbo is drunk, I'm going to dare him :o)

Got our lease now - we can sign it, and have the house for another year.

I need to go shopping in a bit if I want to be able to eat. The loaf of bread I bought yesterday is now finished, as is always the way in such situations. I eat lots of bread :o)

Anyhow, I'll quit it now :o)

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Hello. I'm trying to start a livejournal. I have a deadjournal but it uhh is different. Do you think you can give me the code to start a journal on here please?

Thanks if you can

Only for a large sum of money

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