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Heh, thanks to dweezie I've gone and started using Microsoft's TerraServer again... Rather irritatingly, they've dropped all the non-US content they used to have - I'm sure they used to do the same thing for the UK, but they don't any more... So I just spent half the morning looking up practically every place I've ever been in America... 'twas funny seeing Belleville and Dillsburg again from the air. Got a bit lost at times, but it was all amusing enough :o)

I only woke up at 2:30pm - how stupid is that? Ugh.... And then I wake up to receive a mobile phone bill for... well... not too much, but certainly enough to make me think "Ouch". Sent 500 text messages, which isn't bad, called lots of people, that is bad... £7 on one call... Ouch ;o)

Let's see... To Do Lits (sic).... Well, at some point, I have to tidy my room - Mel is coming to stay on Saturday, and it's so messy right now.... But that can wait a few days. In the more immediate future, it's less than 30 hours until Saves the Day... Got mine and Mel's tickets here - ed, I hope you've got yours :o)

Then Mansun at the weekend - hooray :o)

All in all, things are good :o)

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Yep, got it right here :-)

Add "Burn a copy of Episode 2 for Ed" to ur lits :-)

Or you won't get Anywhere But Here ;-)

Just bring it, pleeeeaaaase :-)

It's addictive, isn't it?

That sucks that they don't have the same stuff for the UK as they do for here. They're supposed to have lots of different places in the world, but I'll bet some political air-space rules keeps a lot of it out of our hands. My friend told me he found some place in Pakistan once - it was a very plain, light image of pretty much nothing.

I'm having fun with it, anyway.

Alright now, have fun with Mel and your "To Do Lits." I haven't always been commenting, but I have been reading. :

I'm sure they used to have the UK - I remember images of where I used to go on holiday. But now I can't find them, so I have to stick to places I've been to and know in the US. Otherwise, I'd put pictures up of my road and stuff... :o)

Mansun, ewww... I don't like them *anywhy* and people who saw them play here a few weeks ago said they sucked majorly..

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