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I am weak...
... but you all love me anyway. Yes, I did it - I watched Star Wars Episode II. Despite promising myself I wouldn't. However, I'm getting better. I'd seen Episode I thirteen times before it even came out over here. By the time Episode III comes out, I'll be 23, and hopefully grown up enough that I can wait.

But since I couldn't this time, I'll say a few things, nothing that spoils anything though. For starters, the story is a lot better than Episode I - there actually is a story in this one, with actual twists and plot devices. There's a lot more in-humour too, and neat little things that the fans will get and be able to smile at. Then there's the actual comedy - there's a part where C3PO... Well, I can't tell you, it would spoil it, but trust me - you'll laugh :o) And the dialog was good, but for about two lines, and the movie really felt like Star Wars. I could really tell it was part of that saga.

In terms of effects, it was great. Lots of action, although many of the battles are spoiled in part by the camera work - these days, you rarely get a zoomed out view and just watch two people fight, which is a real shame. On the subject of action, I have two things to say - the first is that Yoda fighting is bloody excellent, he's cool. The second thing is that, despite the fact that Mace Windu was just irritating in Episode I, in Episode II he becomes the coolest person to ever wield a lightsabre. I mean seriously, this guy is fantastic.

Characters... Lots of character development, all in a good direction. They've made Anakin believable enough that I can see too much of myself in him - this is a good thing, it's meant to do that. Hayden Christensen is great, an excellent choice for the role. Throughout the movie you really get a feel for exactly what's going on in his head, and why the dark side is so attractive. As previously mentioned, Samuel L Jackson gives a great performance, and begins to actually take on a character, which is a nice change.

Ewan McGregor is also excellent, and does a great job convincing us that he is the man who will grow into Alec Guinness's Obi Wan. On that note, the guy who plays Owen Larrs looks exactly like you'd expect him, which is a nice touch - they could so easily have not bothered. But yeah, Obi Wan is really good in the movie, and is revealing a much more cool side to himself. Think Han Solo, with a light sabre, but without the sexual energy. There's the charm, the slight bad-boy image, but none of the pesky testosterone and arrogance (more's the pity).

Finally, Natalie Portman, who I've rated as an actress for so long, just because she's so good. And she's only six months older than me - she always strikes me as being one of those mid-twenties actresses that just carries off younger roles, but no, she's my age. Anyhow, I used to be a massive fan of hers, and she's always struck me as a really sensible, level headed, interesting actress (and believe me, there are few of those around). She doesn't disappoint in the movie, and she plays her role excellently - you can really feel that she's grown up since Episode I, and the ten years it's meant to have been between the two is perfectly believable. And again, you can see why Anakin likes her - she's smart, incredibly beautiful, and a really strong character. It all adds to how much the viewer likes Anakin, which is just going to make Episode III all the more harrowing...

So yeah, great story, good effects (although a little overdone in a couple of places), good acting. All in all, a fantastic movie. I've not watched it all yet, there are big holes in it that I'm saving for when I see it at the cinema. But I have to say, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Nerd. ;)

:: sighs with resignation ::

I'll probably end up seeing it too.

Rather worryingly I found her quite attractive in Leon many years ago!

Hard to believe you and her are nearly the same age! Hehe!

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