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Audience Participation Time
For my site database, I need a really comprehensive set of data. So here are the public fields I've got thus far:

Artist Table
name, genre, bio, webpage

Song Table
name, length, info, track_number

name, description, release_date, link_to_buy

name, address

name, venue

name, address, info

name, info, ticket links, start_date, end_date

There's more tables, and more fields, but those are the important ones. Can anybody think of something it would be useful to have a separate field for, which is not yet there? Potential prizes are available (note use of word "potential" ;o)

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similar artists?
um...sideprojects.... um

Similar artists would probably be more genre-related... As for side projects, I had considered that, but in terms of the database itself, it's really hard to do....

hair colour?

maybe, for gig, you could have whoe the opening band is, or who they're opening for if they *are* the opening band?

Already taken care of behind the scenes. Given a band, you can find every gig they ever played, and every band who played with them (as well as seeing which band headlined)...

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