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When I go away, perhaps the only thing I tend to miss is my guitar. I love that thing. On arriving back home, the first thing I did was pick it up and play it until the ends of my fingers got shredded completely.

Writing a song for my new band type venture, Clusterfuck. Oh, how we are going to rule. Mostly because the whole thing is a piss take, and thus if we suck (which we will), it's okay... The first song is fun - it starts off as pure emo trash, and then suddenly takes a weird turn and becomes something far more credible as rock.... It's called "Orphan Boy", and it's well fun to play...

Anyhow, yeah, Tool last night rocked. Antiproduct on Saturday rocked. This is all good. I'd talk in more depth about them, but I didn't know many of the songs at either gig, so it'd all just be confusing...

I did the lame-ass BBC IQ test, but to be fair, it's a pile of poop. While it did give me 128 which isn't a bad score, I still prefer my Mensa-approved 154, it makes me look far better. The BBC test was pretty, well, lame really - it'd ask a question, give me 25 seconds to answer it. So that's 2 seconds to answer, and 23 seconds to send messages to TMA. I managed to keep two conversations going while still doing the test.

It's just not in-depth enough. It asks multiple choice questions where I could give the actual answers in a split-second, and was just too easy. Those questions I got wrong ought really to have been compensated for by the fact that I got every other one right in a fraction of the time available, without the need for multiple choice. It was just... well... stupid :o)

*goes back to using Mensa-approved IQ*

Sod the BBC and their vague attempts to provide any sort of statistical angle on the whole IQ thing, when it really doesn't work. If they have any statisticians on the staff, they'll realise that people who are smart are more likely to take the test than people who are not. Then there's the availability of the test, and how it's been advertised - they all target specific groups of people, so any statistical inferences are crap... But we shouldn't let that stop them from thinking they have valid data... :o)

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that kind of test has a maximum score of about 140 anyway..

Yay some work to do to match my (official) 149!

If only I'd got that extra point!

I didn't see the beeb thingy but believe it was a tad farcical!

I would just like to point out that I have no affiliation with the "Beeb" and as such cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised Farcings in which they may partake.

Thank you and good day.

Good day to you too!

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