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Enjoyable Evening
Well, that was a great night out, it really was. We booked a table for 9 people at Pizza Hut in Brighton, so that we could have a decent meal out. Got there on time to find that James had left his bag in a shop somewhere, so while he and Lulu went looking for it, the rest of us went and got our table. It was in a back room type place, upstairs, and it was all very nice and posh... The others all shared large pizzas between them, but I couldn't decide. Do I go for a Large Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza, or a medium "The Edge" pizza. In the end, I went for the more expensive (but larger and nicer) Cheese Stuffed Crust one, with ham, chicken and pork. Yummy. Unfortunately, due to an error in judgement whereby I ate some toast earlier, I could only finish half of it. Shock!! Got the other half boxed up, and went off hunting for hungry people.

Let me just digress for a minute... Brighton has a serious homelessness problem. And I mean serious - you can't walk about at night without almost tripping up on the people desperately trying to keep warm in the most shite of weather. It really is enough to deeply affect you, seeing that sort of misery on the streets.

Anyway, so we had a full half of a large pizza still warm, and no ultra-convenient way of getting it home (well, we coulda put it in a rucksack or something, but we just didn't bother considering that). James was of the opinion that we should take it home and finish it in the morning, the rest of us were of the opinion that we go out, find somebody who really really wants the pizza, and just give it to them. Naturally, we won. The first person it was offered to was a young lass, but she was pregnant, had just thrown up quite a bit, and as such wasn't in the mood for Pizza Hut. But the second person it was offered to wanted it. So we gave him half of my large pizza. Now that should provide him with a bloody good night's (and morning's) food. I feel well proud of having done that - it restores my faith in humanity to know that stuff like that is even done.

Anyway, after Saint James had done his bit for the world, we (that is, the 9 of us - me, Alex, Claire, James, Vicky, Lulu, Annie, Harry and Mice) went to the cinema. I had to do the whole social interaction bit, and actually get the tickets. I was also required to sign a piece of paper - it looked nothing like the signature on the back of my card, and I knew that he was looking at the two and thinking "These aren't even similar", but thankfully he was nice and didn't kick me out or anything. So we went in and watched the movie (for those who don't really follow my life, the movie was Charlie's Angels, OK? :o) - and here's what I thought about it:

Truly Excellent. I mean really... This is what Mission Impossible II should have been like, to be honest - a decent no-plot action movie which works. You got that, you freaking morons? A GOOD movie. Yeesh. A few bits in it were piss takes from The Matrix, there was at least one piss take from MI2, and the whole thing was just really excellent. Everybody from the flat thought so too. Even James!! :o) Oh, and one of the funniest people in it must have been Tom Green, whose portrayal of "Chad" is one not to be missed - absolutely hilarious. Especially the short sequence with him during the closing titles. VERY funny. Other notable people in it were George McFly from the Back To The Future films, Lucy Liu from Ally McBeal, and Bill Murray, who is just totally cool as well. All in all, I would rate this film as a 9/10. Didn't try too hard, but exceeded all my expectations - great soundtrack, the action sequences are enough to get everybody in my flat either wanting to take up kickboxing or kung fu, or at the very least trying to vault over railings in acrobatic ways (my leg hurts a bit, but I know I looked cooler than them, so it's OK...)

Anyway, after the film we had 40 minutes to kill before the bus arrived. We decided to kill this time at the beach, so we wandered down. It's quite a nice beach, as pebbly polluted shitholes go, and we spent some fun minutes running as close to the sea as possible, then running away when the waves came - just like home. James and Lulu both got wet, but I went just as close and was dry. Woohoo. Then James and myself decided to go for a paddle, so we took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our trousers, and went in. For a 2am in November, the sea wasn't actually all that cold, as it goes... Vicky and Lulu tried to join us, but their hearts weren't really in it. Meanwhile, Alex, Claire, Harry and Mice were all talking about kicking each others' heads in - a sure sign that they liked the film. Anyway, we got out of the sea, and put our shoes and socks back on (although not in that order). We were then, as a group, approached by a couple of very amiable, polite, well spoken people who wished to sell us things to get us going for the night. They apparently had quite a wide selection. However, we declined, and they went about their business, no doubt selling class A illegal substances to people who ought to know better. Oh well... We then got the bus home, finally, and James went off in a funny mood - dunno what's up with him, but I hope all is OK... Vicky will find out, I expect, and sort things out - she's such a good mother to us all :o)

Anyway, as you can see, it's now late, I need my sleep, and my feet hurt from the pebbles (and concealed hypodermics, no doubt). Grr. Goodnight Angels :o)

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Bestower of Pizza! I'm so proud. ;-) (seriously, that was a cool thing to do)

Was Drew Barrymore any good? I always thought she and Stephen Fry had to be related, there's so many ways that they look alike ...

p.s. Tom Green's Canadian. ;-) (I try to make up for Celine Dion and Bryan Adams whenever I can)

Tom Green is a God of modern comedy... His performance is enough to watch that film on alone...

And Drew Barrymore was very good in it - far better than the other two (although Lucy Liu wasn't at all bad). You must see this film :o)

Cool, I will then - it's playing at the cinema that's pretty much within walking distance of me. :-) Thanks for the tip!


Sorry angel but there are homeless people everywhere, but good thing done,ok? Hopefully going to see Chalie's angels when I get home on thursday, YAY! See you in a week!

Sorry dear, but if you check, the homeless situation in Brighton is one of the worst in the country ;o)

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