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Right. It's 5:30am, but I've done it. I've f'ing done it. On a piece of paper in front of me is a complete relational layout for my database. There are about ten tables, all with at least three relationships to other tables, some with up to seven. I know what fields each table has. I've got a good understanding of SQL. I've set up the servers. I'm now ready. And, having done it all, I'm now going to take a break for the weekend, go see AntiProduct and Tool, and forget about this for a bit. But anybody wanting to test it can go here:

I know about the error on the third one - it's because the "songs" database doesn't yet have any HftC songs. However, as you can see, it's not looking too bad in terms of what it does. It looks up the band according to the "num" variable. It then displays the name and given genre. Then, it does a query on the "songs" table, for all those songs with a band ID that matches the current band. It then displays the first of those, although there are obviously more. It's all so easy to do.... :o)

Once the database is fully operational and online, it'll be time to build the website properly. Thus far the site looks kinda like this:

Poor Sod in Charge: Jamie Webley
Database Admin: Melissa Webber
Hapless Design Dude: David Whitney
Guy in Charge of Reviews: Shaun Green

None of them know this yet, but you know - I can make them. Shanu likes reviews, Mel likes Databases, David likes design - just have to get them to work for me.... Personally, I think it's kinda cool that in the last 12 hours I've designed and partially tested (the relationships work right) a complete database structure, along with learning PHP and MySQL along the way, to the point where it's all working fine. Go me. Time for sleep :o)

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If I took off the ?num=0 from the URL, so it will look like this:

It still works and lists it anyway.

Also, you need better error catching. :) Database Test
Warning: Unable to jump to row 7 on MySQL result index 2 in /home/jamie/public_html/selecttest.php on line 24

Warning: Unable to jump to row 7 on MySQL result index 2 in /home/jamie/public_html/selecttest.php on line 29

Warning: Unable to jump to row 7 on MySQL result index 2 in /home/jamie/public_html/selecttest.php on line 32

First Single:
Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/jamie/public_html/selecttest.php on line 45

I don't need error catching. Because the user won't be able to specify which row they want to jump to - You'll only be able to try to view entries it knows exists.

can i be a reviewer too? i think i offered when you originally mentioned this on amp, but i dunno if you knew me then..

woohoo! i used to review anime videos when i was about 15. hehehe. got a whole pile of preview tapes still ;) well, about 5. :)

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