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I need another column on my Gig table - "headliner_id", that way, I can have support bands too.

So you have two gigs, with ID's, say, 6 and 7. The headliner_id for #6 would be "7", and the same for #7. That way, you'd know that gig #7 was the headlining gig, and gig #6 was the support band, and the website could reflect that.

So you could search for "Saves the Day", and it would tell you all the dates they played, and whether they headlined or not. If they headlined, it would say who the support was, and if they weren't headlining, it would say who else supported, and who *did* headline, and give links to the relevant pages.

Given I'm entirely self-taught in databases, that's not a bad idea :o)


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