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Must've been thinking about Primary School (read: elementary school, if you're American) lots lately or something, because I had three dreams related to it last night.... Unusual. I woke up missing that period of my life, which is odd, since I didn't especially enjoy it at the time :o)

Anyhow, I'm awake now. Need to work on my genetic algorithm. I want to complete it before I go to GA lectures, because that way, it's done without them telling me how these things are usually done. It might be sub-optimal, but it'll be original. I'm going to use an n-dimensional grid, in which genetic exchange is only possible with other units nearby, thus allowing for localised variations in factors. For instance, in a 2-d grid, you could have it so that one corner favoured one type of outcome, another corner favoured another. It might actually work well, since one simulation could give rise to several different answers, all of which would be valid.

I want to record more guitar playing, but my cold means my voice is shot to pieces right now. My throat has gotten good enough that I can actually sing, but my ears are so bad that I can't quite hear whether I'm hitting the notes right, and my nose is blocked up which messes with some of my enunciation or whatever...

Still, I might give it a go. Nowt better to do, since I don't have any lectures until 11:30am on Monday now....

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(read: elementary school, if you're American)

Here around me, we call it Grammar school, not elementary school.

Just thought i'd share.

Over here, Grammar School is from ages 12-18, so that would only confuse people :o)

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