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I wonder what a .bml file is... I would guess it's either a PHP3-like or ASP-like thing that sits on the server and serves the appropriate data to the output file or something. What does it stand for? My bet is Brad's Markup Language... How much effort goes into developing such a file type? How much control do you need on your server to implement it, and is it ultimately worth the hassle? Who knows? Well Brad does, I'll mail him sometime and ask him... It'd be nice to have my own filetype whose behaviour regarding GET requests were variable in ways that ASP and PHP3 can't do easily, but which are nevertheless simple matters... I would imagine that the whole %%whatever%% thing with the styles is just stored like that, and it's only when a request is made that the server fills in the gaps from the database... Very clever....

Anyway, enough of that. I went to a lecture earlier. No, not a real lecture - I missed all those today to finish my assignment (a valid reason, and as Dad knows, I was held up by unavoidable things). After I'd finished the assignment, all my real lectures were over, but I went to an optional one by Simon Singh, who wrote the book on Fermat's Last Theorem and The CodeBook. Miss Round would be dead impressed that I went to that, she was always a big fan of his. It was rather interesting - all about encryption, and it's given me a few neat ideas on how do build some damned good algorithms, and other techniques which are even cleverer than any algorithm... All in all, very good indeed...

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Just a quick reminder that if you want to work during the Christmas break you ought to contact the MD after all there are only 3 weeks of term left so hurry up or you'll be stacking shelves at Tesco (or worse) and why I ask myself have I written this without punk chew asian but at leest I can spel - on sekund forts peraps nott i shal take vis az a sign that i need mor kafeen so lett mi hav a kwik sipp ahh! I feel better already.

What is BML? Answered!

BML stands for Better Markup Language and is, in effect, a combination of many different web script languages (PHP being, probably, the most likely influence).

Find out more, download version 1.0 (I bet that version is SO out of date), and that at ...

I tried using it, and I never did finish getting it working. Bah.


you all speak shite with the exception of 'oldgit' ,
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you all speak shite with the exception of 'oldgit' ,<I have to be in a car with him for 2 hours next week...>. If it was 3am why not chose '3am' by matchbox20, bloody good album, ummmm heard any of hefner's stuff? cu webley, Becca %->

"you all speak shite"

Heh... Your point being? :P

3am is a naff song - Back 2 Good and Real World are far better. But the album in general is very good... I'd swear Push was either a cover, or was covered afterwards...

A Hefner fan!

Here's a hint - try not to ever use pointy brackets on webpages - it screws it all up, as I'm sure you can see above :o)

Re: Becca

ohhhh alright, I'll be a good girl and try and get the hang of this computer thing...£am is not naff, but you are right Real world rocks.
and yep a hefner fan!!Teehee, heard the new album?

Thank you Rebecca but you will find that oldgit can and frequently does talk shite. Please don't feel that you have to be nice to me, I'll still give you a lift to Brighton :-)

... but he might not give you a lift back. Bwahaha!!

Lift back???

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