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[03:24:19] DMZ> AOL woman punched in the face
[03:24:19] DMZ> "The actress who plays the AOL computer girl in the TV advertisements has been attacked and mugged while on her way home in south London. Model Rachel Willis, 26, the daughter of Liberal Democrat MP Phil Willis, was punched in the face in a frightening assault by a youth who ran off with her mobile phone."
[03:24:53] DMZ> Damn. Now I only have 2 wishes left.
[03:27:15] DMZ> I know that's not nice, incidentally. I wished it on the persona, not the actress

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Damn. Now I only have 2 wishes left.


I'll have to remember that one..

You are all evil. It was not her fault she was an annoying cow who looked really silly.


shush goth ;) its not like you never wish death upon anyone!

oh, do you know where brewster is? I've lost him :(

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